Charlie Carver

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Birth Name: Charles Carver Martensen

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 31, 1988

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, Scottish, likely Danish, Welsh, and French-Canadian

Charlie Carver is an American actor. His roles include the shows Desperate Housewives, Teen Wolf, The Leftovers, and American Horror Story.

Charlie is the son of Anne (Carver), a philanthropist and community activist, and Robert Martensen, a physician, historian, and author.

His twin brother is actor Max Carver, who was born seven minutes later, on the next day. They are from a wealthy, upper-class family. Their maternal grandfather, G. W. Douglas Carver, was an oil promoter, partner in the Carver Dodge Oil Company of Denver, developer of several Indonesian oil fields, and horse breeder.

Charlie’s paternal grandfather was Lorenz Thomas “Marty” Martensen, Jr. (the son of Lorenz Thomas Martensen and Marie/Mary Eleanor Copenhafer). Charlie’s grandfather Lorenz was born in Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa. Charlie’s great-grandfather Lorenz was born in Bredtstatt, Germany, the son of Zacharius Martensen and Agatha Andreasen, and likely had Danish ancestry. Marie was born in Illinois, the daughter of John Copenhafer and Mary A. Shettle.

Charlie’s paternal grandmother was Bernice Helen Sommer (the daughter of Walter Ludwig Sommer and Anna P. Jaehnig). Bernice was born in Wisconsin, and was of German descent. Walter was the son of Wilhelm Fredrich Sommer and Louise Augusta Fredericka Sprenger.

Charlie’s maternal grandfather was G. W. Douglas Carver (George William Douglas Carver, the son of Clifford Nickels Carver and Helene/Helena Philae Olive Virginia Maxwell). Charlie’s grandfather G. W. was born in Glen Cove, New York. Charlie’s great-grandfather Clifford was the son of Amos Dow Carver and Inez Scott Morgan. Helene was born in England, the daughter of John Grenfell Maxwell and Louise Selina Bonynge, and had English, Irish, and distant German, ancestry.

Charlie’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Hitchcock (the daughter of Fremont Bodine Hitchcock and Pauline Chamberlain). Margaret was born in Illinois. Fremont was the son of Howard Horace Hitchcock, whose mother was Canadian, and of Nellie Watters, whose own parents was Scottish. Pauline was the daughter of Paul F. Chamberlain and Frances Margaret Harbaugh.

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  1. Croc says:

    I knew he was at least in part Scandinavian. I am surprised the Danish isn’t higher.

  2. madman says:

    Lorenz Thomas Martensen was of at least partly Danish descent.

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