Charles Mingus

Birth Name: Charles Mingus, Jr.

Date of Birth: April 22, 1922

Place of Birth: Nogales, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Death: January 5, 1979

Place of Death: Cuernavaca, Mexico

*62.5% African/African-American/African-Saint Helenian
*25% European [German, English]
*12.5% Chinese

Charles Mingus was an American jazz double bassist, pianist, composer, and bandleader.

Charles was the son of Harriet Sophia (Phillips) and Charles Mingus. Charles’ father was of half African and half European [German and English] descent. Charles’ mother was of one half African-American, one quarter Chinese, and one quarter African-Saint Helenian, descent.

Charles was married several times, and had four children.

Charles’ paternal grandfather was named Daniel or David. He was black, and was born in Africa or in North Carolina.

Charles’ paternal grandmother was Clarinda J. Mingus (the daughter of Abram Mingus, and possibly of Martha Adeline Sellers). Clarinda was born in North Carolina, and was white. Abram was the son of John Mingus, who was born in Tennessee, and was of German descent; and of Mary Ann Enloe. Martha was the daughter of Conrad Leonard “Cooney” Sellers and Sarah “Sallie” Dotson.

Charles’ maternal grandfather was named John Phillips. John was born on Saint Helena, to a Chinese father, from Hong Kong, and a Saint Helenian mother, who was likely black.

Charles’ maternal grandmother was named Mariah/Maria. Mariah was born in Texas, and was African-American.

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