Cesar Montano

Birth Name: Cesar Demontaño Manhilot

Place of Birth: Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: August 1, 1962

Ethnicity: Filipino [Boholano, Hiligaynon]

Cesar Montano is a Filipino actor, film producer, and film director. His stage surname is derived from his mother, Emma Bensorto de Montaño, who is a native of Carles, Iloilo. His father, Genovevo Quiñal Manhilot, is a native of Baclayon, Bohol. He was married to Marilyn Polinga, until her death. He has two children with Marilyn; three children with his former wife, actress Sunshine Cruz; and a son, actor and model Diego Loyzaga, with actress Teresa Loyzaga.

Cesar’s paternal grandfather was Teodoro Manhilot y Badiang (or Teodoro Badiang Manhilot in Filipino, the son of Martín Manhilot and Damiana Badiang).

Cesar’s paternal grandmother was Aniceta Quiñal y Tato (or Aniceta Tato Quiñal in Filipino, the daughter of Miguel Quiñal and Crisanta Tato).

Cesar’s maternal grandparents were named Roberto de Montaño and Dominga Bensorto.

Sources: Marriage record of Cesar’s parents – https://familysearch.org

Marriage record of Cesar’s paternal grandparents, Teodoro Manhilot y Badiang and Aniceta Quiñal y Tato – https://familysearch.org

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  1. tfcus3r says:

    Is he pure Filipino? He looks mestizo at times..

  2. Manila says:

    He was born in Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines.

  3. Manila says:

    Please, link Sunshine Cruz.

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