Cecily Strong

2013 American Museum of Natural History's Museum Gala - Arrivals

Strong in 2013, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Cecily Legler Strong

Place of Birth: Springfield, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 8, 1984

Ethnicity: English, some German and Scottish, 1/32 Swiss-German, 1/32 Italian/Sicilian

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedian. She is a cast member on the show Saturday Night Live, and has also appeared in the films The Bronze, The Meddler, and Staten Island Summer, and the shows Loafy and Schmigadoon!

Cecily is the daughter of Penelope, a nurse practitioner, and William “Bill” Strong, an Associated Press bureau chief, who runs a public relations firm.

Cecily’s paternal grandfather was Cecil Hubbard Strong (the son of Russell Aubrey Strong and Lutie Mae Hooks). Cecil was born in Alabama. Russell was the son of William Howard Strong and Annie E. Lovelace. Lutie was the daughter of William Daniel Duncan Hooks and Mary Emeline Hubbard.

Cecily’s paternal grandmother is Marian Campbell (the daughter of Alan Lockhart Campbell and Mary Nelson Johnson). Marian was born in Oklahoma. Alan was the son of William Henry Harrison Campbell and Jessie Warfield Gorsuch. Mary was the daughter of George Washington Johnson and Marion Dove.

Cecily’s maternal grandfather was Ross Mills Legler (the son of Henry Maxson/W. Legler and Helen Virginia Warren). Ross was born in Illinois. Henry’s father, Cecily’s great-great-grandfather Henry Eduard Legler, a journalist, politician, and librarian, was born in Palermo, Italy, to a Swiss-German father, Henry Legler, and an Italian/Sicilian mother, Raffaela Messina. Cecily’s great-grandfather Henry’s mother was Henriette/Nettie Maria Clarke.

Cecily’s maternal grandmother was Janet Saunders (the daughter of William M. Saunders and Isabel/Isabella Chadwick). Janet was born in New York, to English parents. Isabel’s mother was named Rebecca. Rebecca was born in England, to Australian parents.

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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    North americans need to accept that white people, including those with NW euro ancestry can have dark eyes and hair. She looks perfectly old stock white american.

    • jonasbttencourt says:

      *oh by the way, im pretty positive ”Saunders” is a scottish last name, William could be living in England at the time, but he likely had recent scottish ancestry

    • andrew says:

      Mexicans are “old stock white americans” in some SW states, so you may be right ahaha.

      Is anyone able to find a pic of the man she took the surname, “

      • andrew says:

        …named William “Bill” Strong? Is this him?

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        Im sorry, old stock meaning northern/northwestern europeans that came to America in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. I have seen many pics of her, she is not odd looking for someone with this background at all, if you can accept that Taylor Lautner is really heavily germanic and french, you can accept Cecily’s background. There are white english women darker than her, one thing that would explain her ”darker” features would be if her brittish ancestors were heavily celtic and the german ones being from east Germany, so it would add some slavic flavour to the whole thing, not to mention her not so distant italian ancestry.

  2. bablah says:

    Cecily‚Äôs maternal grandmother was Janet Saunders (the daughter of William Saunders and Isabel/Isabella Chadwick). Janet was born in New York, to English parents. Isabel’s mother was named Rebecca.

  3. toddandrew says:

    Looked at this photo and I analyzed her facial features. Didn’t think she was Southern European. Yep, I was right.

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