Cameron Boyce

11/04/2017 – Cameron Boyce – 8th Annual “Movies by Kids” Screening and Award Show – Photo Credit: Sir Jones / 

Birth Name: Cameron Mica Boyce

Date of Birth: May 28, 1999

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Death: July 6, 2019

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

*father – African-Caribbean, African-American
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Cameron Boyce was an American actor and dancer. He was a member of the breakdancing crew X Mob.

His father, Victor, is black, of African-Caribbean and African-American descent. His mother, Libby, who is white, is Ashkenazi Jewish, of Hungarian Jewish, Russian Jewish, Lithuanian Jewish, and German Jewish descent.

A picture of Cameron with his sister can be seen here, a picture of Cameron with his parents can be seen here, another picture of Cameron’s parents can be seen here, and a picture of Cameron’s paternal grandparents can be seen here.

Cameron had said, “I like to say that I’m bl-ewish, I’m black and I’m Jewish… me and Drake, we got that in common.”

Cameron’s paternal grandfather is named Victor Elliott Boyce. Victor was from the Caribbean.

Cameron’s paternal grandmother is Jo Ann Crozier Allen (the daughter of Herbert Allen and Alice Josephine Hopper). Jo Ann was born in Clinton, Tennessee. In 1956, Jo Ann was one of the “Clinton Twelve,” one of twelve students who were the first group of African-American students to attend a desegregated high school in the Southern U.S., Clinton High School. A picture of Cameron with his grandmother can be seen here. She co-wrote a book about her experiences, This Promise of Change: One Girl’s Story in the Fight for School Equality (2019). Cameron’s great-grandfather Hebert was the son of Sylvester Allen.

Cameron’s maternal grandfather was Roger Small (the son of Marvin Small, born Marvin Stanley Smallheiser, and of Blanche/Blanch D./N. Abrams). Roger Small was one of the early founding members of Temple Emanuel in Greater New Haven, Connecticut. He was born in New York. Marvin was born in New York, to Hungarian Jewish parents, Maximillian Smallheiser and Lottie Schoenberger. Blanche was born in New York, the daughter of Louis Abrams and Marion Mazer, who were of Russian Jewish descent.

Cameron’s maternal grandmother is Joan C. Berland (the daughter of Irving/Irwin Louis Berland and Beryl S. Wormser). Joan was born in New York. Irving was a Jewish emigrant from Vilna, Lithuania, and was the son of Samuel Berland and Hannah Horowitz. Beryl was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Morris Wormser, who was born in New York, to German Jewish parents, and of Sadie Goltman, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, also to German Jewish parents.

Disney's "Planes" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Boyce in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

In 2019, Cameron stated:

[My paternal grandmother’s] story doesn’t just inspire me… It hits home with everyone who stops to listen to it. She and the other 11 students set the stage for our generation to come together. We have to ensure – especially with some of the controversy plaguing us now – that we continue to push towards dreams that have yet to be realized. Equality in its truest sense. She’s a huge part of who I am… Being African American and Jewish, I have plenty of ancestors and family members that I can look to for strength, and more importantly, for a grateful outlook on life. Every one of them clawed and scratched for my sister and I to be in the position we’re in today.

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  1. callmecharlie says:

    Can he also get an “RIP” next to his name?

  2. callmecharlie says:

    Rest in peace, Cam

  3. Jacklyn 224 says:

    Oh no,I just heard the news.No Cameron,why you?you were so young.

    RIP Cameron,I’ll never forget you.

  4. Mixed Kidd says:

    Any info of which island in the Caribbean his father’s ancestry comes from?

  5. Kimmel says:

    Knew this kid was part Black. Only mixed-race kids (usually the natural red-heads) get freckles like that. His hair texture is surprising, though. But I suspect with ‘Crozier’ in his lineage and his Grandfather being born in the U.K., he has a lot of white blood in him.

    • Andreus27 says:

      I know that this is an old comment and that it most likely was published before Boyce let his hair grow out. But if you were to take a look at Boyce’s hair when it’s curly, would you still say that it’s surprising? To me, it looks like pretty typical mixed hair.

      And while some fully Ashkenazi people actually do have curly hair, Cameron’s mother is not one of them. She has extremely straight hair. And Cameron’s father most likely has afro-textured kinky hair. Combine that, and you get the hair of Cameron Boyce.

      But as you said, Boyce definitely was not a 50/50 black and white guy. His dad is most likely 67-76% SSA range, so Boyce is, without a doubt, mostly European. But I doubt that Boyce has less than 32% SSA in him, so he definitely has a significant, outwardly visible amount anyway. My guess is 36.8%.

      But, most importantly; may this kind-hearted human being rest in peace.

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