Brian Balzerini

Balzerini in 2012, photo by kathclick

Birth Name: Brian A. Balzerini

Place of Birth: Royal Oak, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 12, 1984

*father – Italian, Irish

Brian Balzerini is an American actor.

Brian’s paternal grandfather was Emil Charles Balzerini/Balzerine (the son of Pietro “Peter” Balzerini/Balzerine and Giuditta “Gertrude” Razzetti). Emil was born in New Jersey. Peter was born in either Italy or Switzerland, the son of Gaspare Balzerini and Maria Bragio. Giuditta was born in Italy, the daughter of Antonio Razzetti and Angela Bacigalupi.

Brian’s paternal grandmother was Nora Agatha Sullivan (the daughter of James Sullivan and Mary Hartigan). Nora was born in New York, to parents from Ireland.

Sources: Marriage record of Brian’s paternal grandparents, Emil Charles Balzerini/Balzerine and Nora Agatha Sullivan –

Obituary of Brian’s paternal grandmother, Nora Agatha (Sullivan) Balzerini –

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  1. andrew says:

    Peter Balzerini was born in Switzerland according to most records, so he was likely a Swiss-Italian.

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