Bianca Brigitte Van Damme

Ryan Guzman, Bianca Van Damme – 9th Annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards – Arrivals – The Palazzo Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2017 – Photo Credit: PRN / 

Birth Name: Bianca Bree Van Varenberg

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 17, 1990

Ethnicity: Belgian [Flemish], Puerto Rican, one eighth Jewish

Bianca Brigitte Van Damme is an American actress. She is the daughter of Gladys Elena Portugues, a former professional female bodybuilder and actress, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, an actor, martial artist, screenwriter, producer, and director. Her brother is actor Kris Van Damme.

Bianca’s father was born in Brussels, Belgium, and is of Belgian Flemish, and one quarter Jewish, descent. Bianca’s mother, who is from New York City, is usually described as being of Puerto Rican descent.

Bianca’s paternal grandfather was named Eugène Van Varenberg.

Bianca’s paternal grandmother was named Eliana.

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  1. follers says:

    There are lots of Puerto Ricans named Portugues (usually spelled Portugués).

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