Berniece Baker Miracle

Birth Name: Berniece Inez Gladys Baker

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 30, 1919

Ethnicity: English, as well as Scottish, Irish, and Welsh

Berniece Baker Miracle is an American author.

Berniece is the daughter of Gladys Pearl (Monroe) and John Newton “Jasper” Baker. She is the half-sister of actress Marilyn Monroe.

She was married to Paris Miracle, with whom she has a daughter, author and artist Mona Rae Miracle.

Berniece’s paternal grandfather was John/James M. Elliott Baker (the son of John Will Baker and Leticia Mariah Hurst). Berniece’s grandfather John was born in Kentucky. Mariah was the daughter of John Hurst and Sarah Warren.

Berniece’s paternal grandmother was named Etta/Ettie “Susie” Epperson. Etta was born in Missouri or Kentucky.

Berniece’s maternal grandfather was Otis Elmer Monroe (the son of Jacob Monroe and Mary E. Appleton). Otis was born in Indiana. Jacob was the son of William Monroe and Mary C. Berniece’s great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of James Appleton and Elizabeth Jane Smith.

Berniece’s maternal grandmother was Della/Delia Mae Hogan (the daughter of Tilford Marion Hogan and Charlotty/Charlotte Virginia “Jennie” Nance). Della was born in Missouri. Tilford was the son of George Washington/Willis Hogan and Sarah Ann/Anne Owen/Owens. Charlotty was the daughter of Levi Nance and Sarah Caroline Jones.

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