Bella Hadid

69th Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals

Hadid in 2015, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Isabella Khairiah Hadid

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 9, 1996

*Arab Palestinian (father)
*Dutch (mother)

Bella Hadid is an American fashion model and equestrian. Her siblings are Gigi Hadid and Anwar Hadid, who are models and television personalities.

Bella’s father, Mohamed Hadid, who was born in Nazareth, Israel, is an Arab Palestinian (he is of the Muslim religion, and has said, “I wouldn’t call myself a ‘devout’ Muslim… but I’m very proud of my heritage”). However, Bella has said, “He [my father] was always religious, and he always prayed with us. I am proud to be a Muslim.”

Bella’s mother, television personality, model, and interior designer Yolanda Hadid (née Yolanda van den Herik), is Dutch, from Papendrecht.

A DNA test whose results Bella’s sister Gigi displayed on her Twitter page stated that Gigi’s genetic ancestry is:

*69.2% European
——–*21.5% Italian
——–*16.7% French & German / Netherlands
——–*8.0% Broadly Southern European
——–*6.0% British & Irish
——–*6.0% Broadly Northwestern European
——–*5.9% Broadly European
——–*4.1% Spanish & Portuguese
——–*0.6% Greek & Balkan
——–*0.3% Ashkenazi Jewish
*26.9% Western Asian & North African
——–*15.3% Western Asian
——–*7.0% North African & Arabian
——–*4.6% Broadly Western Asian & North African
*3.5% Unassigned
*0.3% Sub-Saharan African
——–*0.1% Senegambian & Guinean
——–*0.1% Broadly West African
*0.1% East Asian & Native American
——–*0.1% Broadly East Asian & Native American

Bella’s paternal grandfather was named Anwar Mohamed Hadid.

Bella’s paternal grandmother was named Kharia Daher. Bella’s father has said that he is descended from Zahir al-Umar, an autonomous Arab ruler of northern Palestine in the mid-18th century.

Bella’s maternal grandfather was named Gerard van den Herik.

Bella’s maternal grandmother is Johanna “Ans” Groenenberg (the daughter of Jacobus Johannes “Jan” Groenenberg and Maaike “Maai” van Gelder). Jacobus was the son of Jacobus Teunis Groenenberg and Johanna Knikman. Maaike the daughter of Adrianus van Gelder and Elizabeth den Ottelander. Ans is pictured here.

Source: Genealogy of Bella Hadid –

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  1. midori29 says:

    Not to be mean but I am unsure why she or Gigi Hadid are supermodels I think their looks are average at best. I truly believe there are much prettier girls in the middle east than these.

  2. Adamina says:

    She could pass for Lebanese

    • EltonLee says:

      No, she looks typically European so as her DNA. Lebanese people are very Middle Eastern and West Asian looking, only those with high plastic surgeries (like the celebrities) done to fix their noses are the ones who could pass for Europeans. Lebanese are known for their long prominent noses

  3. Adamina says:

    She could pass for a Lebanese

  4. sahlav dino says:

    Her father looks mixed with a lot of european

  5. Gurrl says:

    Such a mature looking serious face. Must be the cheekbones and expression. She looked 25-30 ever since she was a teenager. Not an insult, she looks quite dignified.

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