04/20/2016 – AURORA – AURORA in Concert at Radio 104.5’s Performance Theatre in Bala Cynwyd – April 20, 2016 – Radio 104.5’s Performance Theatre – Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA – Photo Credit: Paul Froggatt / PR Photos 

Birth Name: Aurora Aksnes

Place of Birth: Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway

Date of Birth: 15 June, 1996

Ethnicity: Norwegian

Aurora is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

She is the daughter of May Britt, a midwife, and Jan Øystein Aksnes, a garage door salesman. Her sisters are Miranda, a makeup artist and teacher, and Viktoria, a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger. She spent her early childhood in the small town Høle, before moving northernward to the remote village Drange, in the woodlands of the Os mountains.

Aurora’s paternal line can be traced back to her tenth great-grandfather, Jon Steingrimson Nedre Vik.

Aurora’s paternal grandfather was Sverre Aksnes (the son of Kristian Sjursen Aksnes and Elisa Gulbrandsen). Sverre was born in Bergen, Hordaland. Kristian was the son of Sjur Olafsen Aksnes and Kristianna Jonsdatter Bjotveit. Elisa was the daughter of Ludvig Gulbrandsen and Elise Margrethe Høilund.

Aurora’s paternal grandmother is Birget Spilde (the daughter of Øystein Arnvidsen Spilde and Brita Larsdatter Ystheim). Birget was born in Ullensvang, Hordaland. Øystein was the son of Arnvid Davidsen Spilde and Birgit Haldorsdatter Bu. Brita was the daughter of Lars Haktorsen Vangdal (later Ystheim) and Sigrid Johannesdatter Hjelmevold.

Aurora’s maternal grandfather was Arne Froastad (the son of Anton Froestad and Bergit Sandven). Arne was born in Øystese, Hordaland. Anton was the son of Lars Olavsen Froestad and Anna Knutsdatter Vangdal. Bergit was the daughter of Lars Amundsen Sandven and Anna Hansdatter Vik.

Aurora’s maternal grandmother was Borgny Måkestad (the daughter of Sjur Jonsen Måkestad and Mikkelina Jakobsdatter Brattebø). Borgny was born in Ullensvang, Hordaland. Sjur was the son of Jon Larsen Måkestad and Torbjørg Sjursdatter Måkestad. Mikkelina was the daughter of Jakob Torsteinsen Brattebø and Anna Severine Mikkelsdatter Drægebrakke.

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