Angela Merkel

G20 Summit Press Conference in Cannes on November 2, 2011

Merkel in 2011, photo by

Birth Name: Angela Dorothea Kasner

Place of Birth: Hamburg, West Germany (now Germany)

Date of Birth: 17 July, 1954

*75% German
*25% Polish

Angela Merkel is a German politician and research scientist. She was Chancellor of Germany, from 22 November, 2005 to 8 December, 2021. She has also been a Member of the Bundestag for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, from 20 December, 1990 to 26 October, 2021, Minister for Women and Youth, from 18 January, 1991 to 17 November, 1994, Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, from 17 November, 1994 to 26 October, 1998, and Leader of the Christian Democratic Union, from 10 April, 2000 to 7 December, 2018, among other duties.

She was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2015.

Her mother, Herlind (Jentzsch), a teacher, was born in Danzig, now Gdańsk, Poland, of German descent. Her father, Horst Kasner, was a Protestant theologian and pastor, who was born in Berlin, of Polish and German ancestry. His family name was changed from Kaźmierczak to Kasner in 1930. Angela is married to quantum chemist Joachim Sauer. Her surname Merkel is from her former husband Ulrich Merkel.

Angela is the sister of Marcus Kasner, a physicist, and Irene Kasner, an occupational therapist.

Angela’s paternal grandfather was Ludwig/Ludwik Marian Kasner (born Ludwig Marian Kaźmierczak, the son of Ludwik Wojciechowski and Anna Kaźmierczak). Angela’s grandfather Ludwig was a German national of Polish descent, and was born in Posen, now Poznań. Anna was the daughter of Bartłomiej Kazmierczak and Apolonia Bielejewicz.

Angela’s paternal grandmother was named Margarethe Drange. Margarethe was from Berlin, and was of German descent.

Angela’s maternal grandfather was Willi Jentzsch (the son of Friedrich Wilhelm Jentzsch and Wilhelmine Pauline Minna Wilde). Angela’s grandfather Willi was born in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Prussia, German Empire, now the Federal Republic of Germany, and was a school administrator and senator in the Free City of Danzig. Friedrich was the son of Johann Christoph Jentzsch and Anna Marie Hanke. Angela’s great-grandmother Wilhelmine was the daughter of Friedrich Carl Wilde and Caroline Wilhelmine Ehrenberg.

Angela’s maternal grandmother was Gertrud Alma Drange (the daughter of Emil Richard Drange and Emma Wachs). Gertrud was born in Elbing, now Elbląg, Poland, to an ethnic German family. Emil was the city clerk of Elbing, and was the son of Carl Gottfried Drange and Emlie/Emilie Christine or Juliane Günther.


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