Andrew Renzi

Birth Name: Andrew Francis Renzi

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: October 24, 1985

*Italian (father)
*English, German, Irish (mother)

Andrew Renzi is an American film director.

Andrew is the son of Patricia and Frank Renzi.

Andrew’s paternal grandfather were Francis Renzi and Minnie Elizabeth “Betty” Giardino.

Andrew’s maternal grandfather was Richard Smith Foulk (the son of William T. Foulk/Foulke and Mary March). Richard was born in Pennsylvania. William was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Thomas Jefferson Foulk/Foulke and Philena. Mary was born in Pennsylvania, and likely was the daughter of Frank March and Mary.

Andrew’s maternal grandmother was Grace T. Happersett (the daughter of Harvey Bewley Happersett/Happerrett and Anna Trimble Hill). Grace was born in Pennsylvania. Harvey was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Seth Humphrey Happersett and Sarah Elizabeth Bewley. Anna was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Edwin Roland Hill and Mary Downing Trimble.

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