Alma Pöysti

Place of Birth: Helsinki, Finland

Date of Birth: 16 March, 1981

Ethnicity: Finnish, Swedish/Finland-Swedish, some German/Baltic German, remote Polish, Latvian, and Belgian Walloon

Alma Pöysti is a Finnish actress. Her roles include the films Naked Harbour, Tove (2020), Fallen Leaves, and, in voice performance, Moomins on the Riviera and Comet in Moominland.

She is the daughter of actor and film director Erik Pöysti. Alma has also lived and worked in Sweden.

Alma’s paternal grandfather was actor/child actor, director, theatre manager, and writer Lasse Pöysti (the son of Eino Tauno Pöysti and Signe Maria Köhler). Lasse was born in Sortavala, Finland. Eino was the son of Erik Juhonpoika/Johansson Pöysti and Maria Elisabet/Elisabeth Mohka. Signe was the daughter of Fredrik Emil Ottosson Köhler and Johanna Ulrika Johansdotter Lindström, who was born in Hong Kong, to parents of Finland-Swedish heritage.

Alma’s paternal grandmother was actress and theatre director Birgitta Ulfsson (Birgitta Margaretha Ulfsson, the daughter of Erik Bernhard Ulfsson and Saga Sigrid Margaretha/Margareta Törnqvist). Birgitta was born in Helsinki, Finland. She was known for her roles in the avant-garde theatre, and appeared in both Finnish and Swedish productions. She later re-married to Swedish actor Iwar Wiklander. Alma’s great-grandfather Erik was the son of August Bernhard Ferdinand Helenasson Ulfsson and Ruth Johanna Armida Mellberg, and was of Finland-Swedish heritage. Alma’s great-grandmother Saga was the daughter of Joel Magnus Törnqvist, who was of Finland-Swedish descent, and of Albertina Charlotta Björnberg, who was Swedish.

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