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Birth Name: Alice Sophia Eve

Place of Birth: Hammersmith, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 6 February, 1982

Ethnicity: Irish, Welsh, English

Alice Eve is a British actress.

She is the daughter of actors Trevor Eve (Trevor John Eve) and Sharon Maughan (born Sharon Patricia Mughan). Her father has English and Welsh ancestry. Her mother is of Irish, and possibly English, descent. Her siblings are actors Jack Eve and George Eve.

Alice has also become a U.S. citizen, in 2017.

Alice’s paternal grandfather was Frederick Stewart Eve (likely the son of Frederick George Eve and Alice Maud Lucas). Stewart was born in Cheadle, Staffordshire, England.

Alice’s paternal grandmother was Elsie Hamer (the daughter of Orby Charles Hamer and Gwladys Maud Harris). Elsie was Welsh, and was born in Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales. Orby was the son of Charles Hamer and Elizabeth Woosnam. Gwladys was the daughter of William Harris and Margaret. Through her Woosnam line, Alice is a distant cousin of Welsh golfer Ian Woosnam.

Alice’s maternal grandfather was Francis Mughan (the son of Patrick Mughan and Sarah A. Salter/Salters). Francis was born in West Derby, Lancashire, England.

Alice’s maternal grandmother was Norah B. McLay (the daughter of John McLay and Bernadette Dewick). Norah was born in West Derby, Lancashire.

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  1. HamarFFox says:

    Because you like to list great grandparents (if known), Stewart Eve’s parents were Frederick George Eve and Alice Maude Lucas, born in abt. 1872 and 1876 respectively, both in Maidstone, Kent. Their marriage was hard to find, but it took place in 1901.

    I’m having trouble with her maternal side. Do you have any dates and birthplaces I can use to get a foothold with that side of the family? I’m guessing they don’t show on British records because until recently the family was in Ireland, but I think some of her ancestors were in Liverpool for at least one generation.

    • follers says:

      Eve’s maternal grandfather Francis Mughan was born in 1924, in W. Derby. Francis’s parents married in Liverpool in 1914. Eve’s maternal grandmother Norah B. McLay was born in 1923, also in W. Derby.

      Are you sure it’s the right Stewart Eve? If so, it looks like he was married twice.

  2. visokozen says:

    Gorgeous! Does she have different colour on each eye?

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