Ali Ewoldt

Birth Name: Allison Rachel Ewoldt

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 6, 1982

*German (paternal grandfather)
*Italian (paternal grandmother)
*Filipino [Ilocano and Pangasinan] (mother)

Ali Ewoldt is a Filipino-American actress. Her father, Robert G. Ewoldt, is American. Her mother, Leah Vergara Anolin, is Filipino.

Ali’s paternal grandfather was Alvin Ewoldt (the son of Herman George Ewoldt and Mary Runge). Alvin was born in Liberty Township, O’Brien County, Iowa. Herman was the son of German emigrants, Claus Heinrich (later Claus Henry) Ewoldt, of Probstei, Schleswig-Holstein, and of Anna Emelia Gielzter. Mary was the daughter of German emigrants, Johann Heinrich (later John Henry) Friedrich “Fritz” Runge, of Hanover, Lower Saxony, and of Dorothea “Dora” Würben.

Ali’s maternal grandmother was Georgie Barbara Dugoni (the daughter of Lorenzo Ga[etano] “Lawrence” Dugoni and Antonia Seita). Georgie was born in Capaldo, Kansas, Italian parents, from Rivara and Barbania, respectively both in the Metropolitan City of Turin. Antonia was the daughter of Giorgio Seita and Caterina.

Ali’s maternal grandfather was Leovigildo Alfonso Anolin (the son of Román Anolin y Manaois, or Román Manaois Anolin in Filipino, and of Filomena B. Alfonso). Leovigildo, who was born in Umingan, Pangasinan, Philippines, was a Consul General of the Philippines in Los Angeles, California.

Ali’s maternal grandmother was Patria Reguyál Vergara (the daughter of Alberto Vergara y Irang, or Alberto Irang Vergara, Sr. in Filipino, and of Encarnación Reguyál y Ojastro, or Encarnación Ojastro Reguyál in Filipino). Alberto was the son of Juan Vergara y Durán (or Juan Durán Vergara in Filipino) and Plácida Irang.

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