Alexander Van der Bellen

Place of Birth: Vienna, Nazi Germany (now Austria)

Date of Birth: 18 January, 1944

*father – Baltic German, Dutch, 1/16th Estonian, possibly French
*mother – Estonian

Alexander Van der Bellen is an Austrian politician and economist. He has been President of Austria, since 26 January, 2017. He was a Member of the Austrian National Council, from 7 November, 1994 to 5 July, 2012, and Leader of the The Greens – The Green Alternative, from 13 December, 1997 to 3 October, 2008.

His father, Aleksander Konstantin van der Bellen, was a Russian-born aristocrat, of Dutch, Baltic German, 1/16th Estonian, and possibly French, descent. His mother, Alma (Siibold), was also a Russian immigrant, of Estonian descent. He is married to Doris Schmidauer. He has two children with his former wife Brigitte Hüttner.

Alexander’s paternal grandfather was Aleksander Konstantin van der Bellen (the son of Aleksander van der Bellen and Marie Anna Mollier). Alexander’s grandfather Aleksander was born in Pskov, gorod Pskov, Pskov Oblast, Russia. Alexander’s great-grandfather Alexander was the son of Alexander van der Bellen, whose own father, Jacobus van der Bellen, moved from Holland to the Russian Empire, in 1763. The surname Mollier is possibly of French origin. However, it is unclear if Alexander’s great-grandmother Marie Anna had French ancestry.

Alexander’s paternal grandmother was Adele Emilie Reymann (the daughter of Maximilian Georg Reymann and Catharina Beata Julie Britzke). Adele was born in Pihkva, and was of Baltic German, and some Estonian, descent. Maximilian was the son of Johann Nathanael Reymann, who was a Latvian emigrant, from Riga. Catharina was the daughter of Wilhelm August Ludwig Britzke and Beate Christina Masing, who was of part Estonian descent.

Alexander’s maternal grandfather was Julius Friedrich Sibold (the son of Mihkel Sibold and Kadri Siibold). Julius was an Estonian emigrant, from Aijama, Meeri, Nõo khk, Valgamaa. Mihkel was the son of Dawid Sibold and Liso Lillo. Kadri was the daughter of Dawid Pehka and Ann Lind.

Alexander’s maternal grandmother was Johanna Adele Kask (the daughter of Mihkel Kask and Ello Kull). Johanna was an Estonian emigrant, from Tartumaa, Tartu/Dorpat. Mihkel was born Mihkel Lomp, and was the son of Ado Lomp and Mari. Ello was the daughter of Mart Kull and Leena Tavel.

Alexander’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandmother, Mai.

Source: Genealogy of Alexander Van der Bellen –

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