Albert Pujols

2012 MLB - Spring Training - Los Angeles Angels vs. Kansas City Royals (7-4) - March 22, 2012

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Birth Name: José Alberto Pujols Alcántara

Place of Birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Date of Birth: January 16, 1980

Ethnicity: Dominican Republic

Albert Pujols is a Dominican-American professional baseball player. He was a baseman and designated hitter, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels, and the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is nicknamed “The Machine”/”La Máquina.”

He is the son of Bienvenido Pujols. He was born in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic, and moved to New York City, U.S., in 1986. His surname is Catalan.

Albert is married to Deidre, with whom he has five children. Albert and his family attend a Southern Baptist church.

Albert’s paternal grandmother’s name is America.

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  1. Jack Redfield says:

    Based off his surname, he must have Catalan ancestry.

  2. J.J. says:

    Dominican doesn’t tell us anything about his ancestry, he looks like he could be a number of ethnicities

  3. Hippiboy says:

    Awesome Baseball player!

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