Alba Flores

Birth Name: Alba González Villa

Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Date of Birth: 27 October, 1986

Ethnicity: Romani, Spanish [including Andalusian]

Alba Flores is a Romani-Spanish actress. She is known for her roles on the series Money Heist and Vis a Vis.

Alba is the daughter of Spanish Romani musician and composer Antonio González Flores and Ana Villa, a theatrical producer. She is a granddaughter of entertainer El Pescaílla and actress, singer, and dancer Lola Flores. Alba is a first cousin of Spanish actress Elena Furiase; a niece of actress and singer Lolita Flores (María Dolores González Flores) and producer and entrepreneur Guillermo Furiase, and of Rosario Flores, a two-time Latin Grammy Award-winning singer and actress; and a great-niece of Carmen Flores, who was also a singer. Through Carmen, she is a first cousin, once removed, of football player and coach Quique Sánchez Flores.

Alba’s paternal grandfather was Antonio González, a dancer, musician, and composer, also known as El Pescaílla (born Antonio González Batista, the son of Antonio González Díaz and Antonia Batista Jiménez). Alba’s grandfather Antonio was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, and was Romani. Alba’s great-grandfather Antonio was the son of Manuel González, and of a mother surnamed Díaz.

Alba’s paternal grandmother was Lola Flores (María Dolores “Lola” Flores Ruiz, the daughter of Pedro Flores Pinto and Rosario Ruiz Rodríguez). Lola was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. She is sometimes said to have had Romani ancestry through her own maternal grandfather. It is not clear if this is accurate. She is also described as having been of only Spanish descent. Pedro was born in La Palma del Condado, Huelva, the son of Juan Flores and Dolores Pinto. Rosario was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz, the daughter of Manuel Ruiz Dorado, a man of possibly Romani descent, and of María Rodríguez Misa.

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  1. ashash says:

    Love her in Money Heist.

  2. liathecrazyflower says:

    Typical andalusia gypsy obs: i know that can existed white andalusians or etc. The flamenco are made by the gypsy too. :)

    • liathecrazyflower says:

      The andalusians are mixed with gypsy(not everyone) but they are spanish and romani!

      • liathecrazyflower says:

        Gitanos are a community that has many things and sooo, for spain,and flamenco i loveeeee, they can found in In someone’s partsof EUA? but i never see a famous gypsy in America. Argentina, Brasil. In someone’s parts in Brasil they lives. But i think that’s cool but not talking the fact that many girls are tired to found the “gypsy man”

  3. Manila says:

    El Pescaílla’s parents’ maternal family names are Díaz and Jiménez, respectively. Alba’s great-grandfather Antonio was the son of Manuel González and a mother surnamed Díaz.

    Pedro was the son of Juan Flores and Dolores Pinto.

    Manuel Ruiz’s maternal family name is Dorado. Rosario’s mother was María Rodríguez Misa.

    Genealogy of Alba’s father –

    Manuel Ruiz Dorado was the son of José Ruiz and Amalia Dorado. María Rodríguez Misa was the daughter of Domingo Rodríguez and Aurora Misa.

    Genealogy of Lola Flores –

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