David Delfin, Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo – 2014 Marie Claire Prix de la Moda Awards – Arrivals – Callao Cinema – Madrid, Spain –  Photo Credit: Solarpix / PR Photos

Birth Name: Olvido Gara Jova

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: June 13, 1963

*Spanish Asturian (father)
*Cuban [Spanish (including Andalusian, Extremaduran), Catalan, Portuguese, possibly Indigenous], distant English, Welsh and possibly Mexican (mother)

Alaska is a Mexican-born singer, songwriter, actress, DJ, and businessperson. She is now also a Spanish citizen.

Alaska is the daughter of Manuel Gara López and América Jova Godoy. Alaska’s father was Spanish, from Asturias. Alaska is married to Spanish journalist, writer, singer, actor, and manager Mario Vaquerizo.

Her father, Manuel Gara López was born in Asturias, Spain and was living in Mexico in exile during the Spanish Civil War.

Her mother, América Jova Godoy, was born in La Habana, Cuba and also was living in Mexico in exile due to the Cuban Revolution.

Alaska’s maternal grandfather was Julio Jova Pichardo (the son of ? Jova González-Abreu and América Pichardo Arias). ? Jova González-Abreu was the son of Juan Jova y Jova and María Jacinta González-Abreu y Jiménez. Juan was the son of Juan Jova and Teresa Jova, from Sitges, Catalonia.  María Jacinta was the daughter of Manuel González Abreu (the son of Antonio González and Manuela Abreu) and Rosa María Jiménez y Peña (the daughter of Diego Jiménez y Barrera and Rafaela de la Peña y Trujillo de Miranda). Diego was born in Marchena, Andalusia.

Alaska’s maternal grandmother was María Caridad Godoy Cuebas (the daughter of Felipe Godoy Herbert and Belén de las Cuebas). Felipe was born in France, and was a possible descendant of Manuel Godoy, who was Prime Minister of Spain, from 1792 to 1797 (Manuel was born in Extremadura, of Portuguese descent); and of Philip Herbert, the 4th Earl of Pembroke and 1st Earl of Montgomery.

Alaska’s great-grandmother, Belén de las Cuebas was of possibly Indigenous Cuban and Mexican descent, from Yucatán.

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