Aimee Carrero

Carrero in 2016, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Aimee Carrero-Vila

Place of Birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Date of Birth: July 15, 1988

*Puerto Rican (father)
*Dominican Republic (mother)

Aimee Carrero is a Dominican-born American actress and singer.

Aimee was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to a Puerto Rican father and a Dominican Republic mother. She was raised in Miami, Florida. Aimee is pictured with her parents and brother here. She is married to actor Tim Rock.

She has stated:

Well it’s great and it’s funny because I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican, but I feel very Cuban because I grew up around… them. In Miami, out of all the Latin people, I want to say that 60 percent of them are Cuban. So when I talk in Spanish, tengo como un acento cubana (I have like a Cuban accent). It’s very confused. You know, some of it is Puerto Rican-Dominican and some of it is Cuban. And so it’s funny because people assume I’m Cuban when I speak to them in Spanish.


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  1. zulmo says:

    She’s clearly of European descent, don’t understand why this website refuses to label europeans as europeans when they’re from spanish-speaking countries

  2. zulmo says:

    Once again, this website is plagged by horrible research.

    Puerto Rican and Dominican republic are NOT ethnicities! There are Europeans, Blacks and indigenous people in both countries! Yet for some reason Ethnicelebs loves to label mixed and European descent people from spanish-speaking countries by their nationalites while the blacks are rountinely labeld ‘afro’ beforehand.

    Is saying “Spanish, possibly other” that difficult? She is CLEARLY of european descent yet any labels to europe are absent. Europeans are NOT indigenous to latin america and are therefore not categorizable by the country they were born in.

    I have a feeling that a bunch of euro-supremacists run this website

  3. stlucas says:

    Correction: She has a brother, Rodney Gabriel.

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