本名Birth Name: 山本 紗衣 Sae Yamamoto

出身地Place of Birth:熊本県 Kumamoto prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

生年月日Date of Birth: October 28, 1986

民族性Ethnicity:日本人 Japanese

Suzanne is a Japanese television personality and singer. She has been thought by many to be of half Japanese and half European descent. However, she is of 100% Japanese descent. Upon her debut on Japanese TV, the producers of the program decided to let her act like a girl of half Japanese descent who could not speak much Japanese. She appeared on the program with the name Suzanne, and with her Eurasian looks, people thought that she is indeed of only half Japanese ancestry.

Three days later, Suzanne publicly revealed that she could actually speak Japanese and that she was of purely Japanese descent.


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    1. thats not right

      and please mind that most of the super rich asiasns and of course also japanese do have plastic surgery in order to look more caucasian

      1. @ neil

        That’s an extremely racist thing to say. You’re dead wrong and you sound like an idiot. You’re implying that most asians need surgery because they feel insecure. A lot of full Japanese people can look white, it’s not the majority but it does exist, most of them just dye their hair and wear makeup. Unless you personally know every “rich asiasns” which you don’t, you can’t say how they all think and feel as if it’s a fact.

        1. I KNOW TWO JAPANESE GIRLS WHO HAD SPENT 11,000 AND 19,000 euros respectively in plastic surgery in order to look more white

          and both are looking more caucasian after the procedures

          why this is racist ?

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