Robert Sheehan

robert sheehan

Birth Name: Robert Michael Sheehan

Place of Birth: Portlaoise, Ireland

Date of Birth: 7 January, 1988

Ethnicity: Irish

Robert Sheehan is an Irish actor. He is the son of Maria and Joe Sheehan. He added Adam as his confirmation name, becoming Robert Michael Adam Sheehan.

Robert’s brother, Brendan Sheehan, was asked about their heritage on Twitter. He replied:

Irish all the way as far as I know. :)

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  1. He is what they call “black Irish”… basically dark haired and olive skinned people (Iberian looking). There are many People like him in Ireland, especially in areas such as; Cork and Galway (Western Ireland). He doesn’t look in any way “Black (African)”. Though, if he did have African ancestry (which he blatantly doesn’t), I am sure he wouldn’t lie about it.

      1. A great example is Colin Farrell, who is 100% Irish but looks hispanic. Also Aidan Gillen and Pierce Brosnan. They all come from East Ireland. All these people have naturally dark skin that tans and dark features.

        1. hmmm ok

          i know what you mean

          but actually there are not so many COLLIN FARELL guys in ireland

          he looks definitely exotic

          and i don’t believe the celebs who claim this and that

          1. it’s typical for irish people to have dark hair, pale skin and pale eyes.. thats the overall irish look

  2. why would he claim anything other then Irish.
    even he is black blooded. or had a 4th generation black ancestry.
    it’s celab ethnicity not race.. black is not a ethnicity.
    just because you dont have any cultural ethnical significant history so you have to imposed your self- diluted self-centric race-centrist history prospective to other and normalized your self hating insecurity to others who have nothing to you or you to be claimed to.
    (I, e he is hiding of his black ancestry)
    just because you are One it doesn’t means others are like that..

  3. or maby, just maby his white mommy had a affair with some “exotic” looking beautiful African man. his chocolate suger daddy like many others black men was living there in Ireland for- like- since 9th century. nobody knows.

  4. He can try to lie all he wants. He DOES look part black. He barely passes as white. He looks too ethnic. SMH @ all these actors and actresses who are ashamed of their black heritage.

    1. Why would he lie? His other family members look a bit less unusual than him. He most probably has only known Irish ancestry. I’ve noticed on here that anyone with curly hair is always associated with non-European ancestry when there’s no justification for it.

      Believe me people don’t lie about their ancestry. No one would think any less of someone if they have some black heritage. We’re not living in the 60s or earlier times. His brother has said they are Irish all the way as far as they know. Most Irish people don’t have much outside ancestry when they look back on their ancestry. It’s only in very recent times that Ireland has immigrants. Even in the 30s and 40s Ireland was very insular.

      So whatever reason is his look is not due to African ancestry.

        1. But that’s usually native American heritage that’s added.However then follers comes by with her hatchet ,to do some scalping.However like I said,lying and not know are two different things

      1. (Believe me people don’t lie about their ancestry)

        Well sure they do,didn’t Carol channing lie?However in fairness she did come before the 60’s.However lying and not knowing are two different things.Example,there was this was a 70yrs old brother sister team,who just took a DNA test.They’ve been told they were 100% white(German/Brit).Yet their DNA says they’re North and West African also. Now were they lying or simply going by what they were told their entire life.

        ( It’s only in very recent times that Ireland has immigrants.)

        Now strictly historically speaking,black people have been in Ireland since at least the 9th century(not in large numbers)but were assimilated into the population

        1. Black people have only been in Ireland in recent years. Places like Ireland were very difficult to survive in and the Irish were quite hostile to others coming in. Some groups assimilated in Ireland but not many people went there except for Vikings, Normans and British. That’s just historical fact.

          The Vikings made Dublin a slave centre but this was in the 9th-10th century and exported people out not in and most of their slaves were from coastal Europe. The Vikings in Ireland were Norse and Danes and their territory was mostly the North Sea area.

          Also no African shows up in Irish dna. Wouldn’t Robert know of any recent ancestry outside Ireland if it was in his grandparent’s time? If someone had African from generations ago it wouldn’t even show up in the phenotype so it’s not likely his look is due to anything but being Irish. Populations do have different looks. Anyway like what Ethnic said people seem to be bending over backward to find some exotic ancestry and if they can’t they make it up.

          1. Even if autosomal dna doesn’t show up any African because it was from so long ago you would expect some African y-dna or mtdna to show in a population if there was any presence there and that’s not the case in Ireland.

          2. @alice

            We talked about before,when we were discussing Ali’s Irish heritage,and you were surprised then.Viking constantly raided north Africa,and took their captives to ireland to sell as slaves,that’s historical fact.I don’t have time to find the books on the subject,but here something that’s talks a little about it 21 paragraphs down:

            “Vikings would not reappear on the Andalusian coast for another seventy or so years, but their first two raids were already famous in the far north. They also some rather strange results. Björn Ironside and Hastein sold most of their prisoners for ransom but some unfortunates were kept because of their exotic appearance. These included black African, or very dark-skinned Saharan Berbers, captured at Nakur. Some ended up in Ireland where they were mentioned in early Irish annals as fir gorm ‘blue men’ or blámenn ‘black men.’

            Then blacks turn around and started raiding them:

            Now about the DNA,there are too many variables I could bring up about that,so for now I’ll let it go.However you asked

            (Wouldn’t Robert know of any recent ancestry outside Ireland)

            Well not really,people go by what they are told,doesn’t mean it’s the truth.However I did say I’ll let it go

        2. “Then blacks turn around and started raiding them:”

          Barbary Pirates were Arab/Berber (mostly Berber) North African pirates, not black. Where do you the the term Barbary coast came from? It’s Berber inhabitants.

          Fuck outta here with your Afrocentric revision shit, everyday you Negroes claim to be something, from Native Americans to Australia Aboriginals.

          Addendum: there’s nothing black about this guy, he’s a Paelo-Atlatnid + Brunn influences.

          1. @Fuzzybear – I always knew about Mohammed Ali and we did discuss it but I wasn’t surprised because I think I posted the info. Anyway his connection is because his Great Great Grandfather went to the US. His Irish ancestry is very well known in Ireland and people are proud of it and this just shows you that Irish people with African ancestry wouldn’t be trying to hide it.

          2. @Andrew – Yes he is “exotic” but I’m not sure of his full ancestry. I’ll have to try and see if I can find out some more information. He could quite possibly be fully Irish as well. If you want to see someone “exotic” look up Gillian Norris. She is Irish as well but you would never guess it. I do wonder about her. :)

          3. none of these three “exotic” Irish folks have Black/African ancestry IMO (Sheehan in particular), Google Jonathan Walters, I think he has something in the mix.

          4. Yes they are most likely all Irish. Gillian’s hair is most likely permed as well because all the girls in Riverdance had that look.

  5. Wow he looks black for sure. Not straight up black, but he has some black features. Reminds me of this guy I know who is a quarter black. Hmmm….. His mother lied to him. I wonder if his REAL biological father is a mulatto.

      1. He’s commented before that he is fully Irish as far as he knows. He is definitely unusual looking but it doesn’t mean he has recent ancestry from outside Ireland. All populations have some variety in their looks which is a good thing. It would be interesting if he had a dna test but it wouldn’t surprise me if he comes back mostly British & Irish in ancestry.

  6. well someone just needs to ask this guy. he’s never been asked before so we don’t know what his answer may be. the answer may surprise us. he may really be mixed for all we know or not…. i have seen his family and he looks the most exotic while the rest of them look typically irish. his brother is the second darkest one and his sister doesn’t look exotic at all. but who really knows until he officially comes out and confirms. we can’t even go by his parents. one of them could easily be mixed raced, but look more irish. look at victoria rowell’s daughter.

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