Graham Phillips

by follers on July 1, 2015

"The Good Wife" TV Series Season Premiere Party - Arrivals

Birth Name: Graham David Phillips

Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 14, 1993

Ethnicity: English, some Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), distant Dutch

Graham Phillips is an American actor and singer. His father, Layn R. Phillips, is a former U.S. district court judge. Graham was raised Episcopalian.

Graham’s paternal grandfather was James Arthur Cole Phillips (the son of Luther D. Phillips and Hattie Dragoon).

Graham’s paternal grandmother was Eloise Gulick (the daughter of Raymond Lorenzo Gulick and Opal Mimmie Ready/Reedy). Raymond was the son of William Finley Gulick and Arminda Mae Kennon. Opal was the daughter of The Rev. William T. Ready and Lillie D. McCollum.

Graham’s grandfather James was said to have some degree of Cherokee Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Cherokee Native American ancestry has been documented/verified. Graham’s grandfather and great-grandparents were listed as “White” on United States censuses.

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Devotion October 25, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Waiting for someone to say “is he part native?”

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