Brenton Thwaites

"The Giver" Los Angeles Press Conference

Place of Birth: Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Date of Birth: 10 August, 1989

Ethnicity: English, possibly other

Brenton Thwaites is an Australian actor. He is the son of Fiona Middleton and Peter Thwaites. He has a daughter with his partner, Chloe Pacey.

Brenton’s parents both have English surnames. Nothing else appears to be publicly known about his ancestry.

Brenton’s maternal grandfather is likely named Terry Middleton.

A picture of Brenton with his father and sister can be seen here. A picture of Brenton’s mother can be seen here.

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  1. As usual the comment section is field with a bunch of retarded Americans. I say this as an American. Are people really saying he looks Mexican? you must not see many Mexicans or you are confusing white mexicans with mestizos because this guy looks fully white. Maybe because of Hollywood Americans have an ignorant view of people. But all English people looking like blonde anglo saxons is far from reality. Racially England is a melting pot of European groups.

    Europeans/Caucasians have the most expansive skin, hair and eye variation in the world. Stop applying rules for less diverse people such as East Asians or Blacks to white people. The same rules just dont apply. White people are the most diverse people on the planet. Blonde, pink, blue eyed =/= the only white people. Furthermore do you even realize what people of South America looked like before Spanish. Italian and Portuguese influence? They looked asiatic. Stop associating a European-centric phenotype with some imaginary latino race. This guy would not look out of place in Southern Europe.

    1. “White people are the most diverse people on the planet. Blonde, pink, blue eyed =/= the only white people” – Yet, EVERYBODY ELSE is “coloured”…

      Actually, it’s black people/Negroids that are the most varied genetically. Also, Caucasian can be applied to: North Africans, South Asians, and Western Asians.

      1. @caligurl2

        I agree with Kimmel , black people are more diverse genetically and skin tone wise(and I’m talking about Africans). Blue ,green, hazel etc eyes are more common to whites, but not exclusive to them. Africans also have these colors, it’s just rare(also there are Africans with those eye colors, and are healthy. I’ve seem natural blond and red hair on Africans also. again just rare. Also Caucasian these days can be anybody (black or white). I’ve know plenty of black people with Caucasian phenotypes

      1. True i don’t think he is just all English he could have the ethnic background as the hemsworth brothers English Irish Scottish and German which a common mix in America and Britain he could easily have English Irish Scottish Welsh and German blood.

    1. mestizo???? where???? i can’t believe what you are saying, he is fully White, come on…..

      Whites come in different types of colour tones etc…this guy looks 100% White: Where do you see a bit of mestizo in him??? you must be one of those who think that Whites can only be of scandinavian stereotype, which is ridiculous. He has 100% european looks.

      Have you ever been to europe?? come on….

    2. The dude is from Australia. We have very few Mestizos in here. Lmao…

      If anything he looks like he has Italian, Maltese or Sicilian ancestry. After all, Australia had a lot of these people immigrating back in the day.

      He might have Aboriginal blood too. But that’s heavily debatable.

  2. I live in Australia, most Australians (whom are of British Isles descent) do not look like him, i wouldn’t say he looks indigenous but considering he does not look 100% english in any way, aboriginal is the only plausible explanation for his appearance being several generations Australian

    1. Why can’t he be 100% English?

      I don’t know what his ancestry is, but he could easily be just English, like Orlando Bloom, Cheryl Cole, Liam Payne, and Ed Westwick.

      1. but he doesn’t look like any of those celebrities and he certainly doesn’t look British, his eyes aren’t “dark” and his skin isn’t dark either (even though he’s not fair) but his phenotype doesn’t look english, whether his mysterious unknown ancestry ever gets discovered it’s foolish to debate that he could pass for completely english because he couldn’t, he doesn’t even look southern or eastern european

        1. He could quite possibly be of full British Isles descent. There is nothing about him to rule that out. He doesn’t look “unusual” to me. He could possibly have some other European ancestry but nothing to suggest anything else.

          1. There is no way he is of 100% European descent let alone British Isles, this guy wouldn’t even fit in, in southern or eastern europe, he’s obviously mixed race, he couldn’t pass for full celtic or germanic (norman, saxon or anglo) nor could he pass for latin or slavic. It’s true many British don’t fit the mainstream look and could pass for spanish or Italian but he’s even beyond that, why is this even a debate? Google the bloke on google images and you’ll see for yourself

        1. If you look at pictures of half Aborigines, you will see what I am talking about. Olive complexion, thick, prominent eyebrows, deep set, almond shaped eyes. Snub nose. Thick, dense hair.

          His look is atypical for people who have British Isle Ancestry. What’s the problem if he does have Aboriginal ancestry? He is a good-looking guy. It suits him very well.

  3. i live in australia and there aren’t any anglo australians of british and/or irish descent that look like him, he could pass for south american (mestizo) or even a mix e.g. half anglo, half arab. however since he’s several generations australian and there aren’t records of his ancestry and it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t even know/care about his own ethnicity as most anglo australians don’t, it’s safe to assume there would be some aboriginal in him

        1. Most people don’t state their ethnicity unless they are something “exotic” and even then they may not. The only reason why Miranda Kerr did is because someone started a rumor that she was Filipino, Turkish, Persian, and Serbian and an interviewer asked her for her ethnicity.

          1. and as i’m aware miranda kerr said a ridiculous statement that most australians of several generations say when asked their ethnicity; “i’m pretty much just australian”, before answering the question correctly. Many several generation australians are quite ignorant/uneducated when it comes to ethnicities and are more proud to claim their ethnicity as “just australian” than answer the question properly/truthfully by saying either; anglo, celtic, birtish or that they’re not too sure. it’s not really anything to do with being exotic (exotic means foreign) it’s just how distant their ancestry is, australian’s of 1-3 generations are more inclined to state their ethnicity even if it’s common like british/irish, but aussie’s of 4+ generations even if they have ancestry a little less common like french or german will still most likely identify as; “just australian”, it’s really very pathetic. This guy would obviously be of predominately european ancestry from the british isles and would obviously have some non european ancestry judging by his look (most likely aboriginal), but i’m very certain he either doesn’t know or just doesn’t care to state it and i’m very sure if someone were to ask him on twitter or in an interview what his ancestry is, he’d state; “just australian”

          2. I don’t know what his ethnicity is and have no clue if he is Aboriginal. You’d have to ask him.

          3. I do take what you say with a grain of salt because you are often wrong. You stated that Cheryl Cole couldn’t be just British and that one of her great-grandparents had to be some kind of Asian. Turns out they aren’t. You said her half-brother also looked Asian and it turns out he isn’t. You also stated that Leighton Meester was part Asian or African and it turns out that she isn’t.

            You are more wrong than you are right. Same with most people in the comment’s section. Brenton could be part Aboriginal, but I’ll wait until follers gets back to us on that because that person is usually right.

          4. cheryl cole does not look full british nor does her mother, her brother looks part middle eastern (west or central asian), as for leighton meester, going by the darkness of her eyes and size of her forehead it is quite possible she is part black. i still stand by my opinions, doesn’t necessarily mean the information on the site is wrong, just my opinion, there is such thing as unknown ancestry and recessive genes. i doubt there would be documentation of brenton thwaites having aboriginal, but he does look like he could be, he definitely doesn’t look full british but just like cheryl cole, i bet all the documentation will point to europe. I’m not saying the information should list what i say as i have no sources, i’m just giving my statement on what i think the celebrities ancestry would be

          5. Cheryl’s half-brother does not look part Middle Easterner. He looks like Seth MacFarlane and they are more or less of the same ancestry. Cheryl isn’t any more “exotic” than Catherine Zeta-Jones. Leighton isn’t part black either. Like I said, you’ve been wrong most of the time, so I take it with a grain of salt. But you’re entitled to your opinion.

    1. Anyway, I don’t know what his ancestry is and there’s little available on it, but he could easily be just English or whatever else that’s similar.

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