Yvonne Strahovski

Strahovski in 2011, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Yvonne Jaqueline/Jacqueline Strzechowski

Place of Birth: Werrington Downs, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Date of Birth: 30 July, 1982

Ethnicity: Polish

Yvonne Strahovski is an Australian actress. Her roles include the series Chuck, Dexter, and The Handmaid’s Tale and the films The Predator (2018) and The Tomorrow War. She was born in Werrington Downs, to Polish immigrant parents, Bożena and Piotr Strzechowski, and speaks Polish.

Yvonne is married to Tim Loden, with whom she has a son.

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  1. cwm85 says:

    Polish… the surname name and round head makes sense. Very classy looking woman…

  2. shobohunter says:

    most of the Hollywood is America. so saying she look American is just plane dump n stupid
    she sounds Australian. her name is polish ..
    Aussie+ polish = exotic.
    she look like your below average white woman.. she is not that beautiful. like bar rafaeli.
    Hollywood is obsess with blonde with funny accents

  3. aaa says:

    what your problem guys? Yvonne Strahovski is nothing exotic, she looks a average Polish Jew

  4. Crates says:

    she looks American to me

    • Me myself and I says:

      how can someone look American when all Americans are or from Europe or Africa or Asia? WTF, there’s no American look

    • beyfox says:

      Nothing to do. Of course,white Americans are similar to white Australians.

      • theropod says:

        He means ‘White American’ – typical American of Irish/Scottish/English/German ancestry.

        Polish seemed ‘exotic’ for him I guess.

        Her eye shape have Eastern European look to them to me btw.

        • J.J. says:

          that’s hilarious; “she looks american” i live in australia and i hear people saying all the time how people do or do not “look aussie” and people identifying their ethnic background as australian, it’s like the norm in australia to talk like an ignorant uneducated person when it comes to ethnicites and it aggrivates me, no one can look australian, and no one can look american, you can look european, you can look anglo, you can look mediterreanean but you cannot look like you’re from a country colonised by europeans. main ancestries in australia are english, irish, scottish, italian, in the USA it’s german, irish, english, italian. so both countries have similar mainstream populations of white european descent doesn’t mean you can look as though you’re from that country because you’re white. this woman looks polish in a big way, but i’m sure there are many very stupid aussies out there who would be surprised she’s of polish descent and say that she looks “aussie”

  5. me says:

    She looks very Polish,she looks have Asian and Jewish in her.She looks like Olivia Wilde

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