Tony Bellotto

Birth Name: Antonio Carlos Liberalli Bellotto

Place of Birth: São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth: June 30, 1960

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Italian, Portuguese, as well as Scottish, French, English, possibly other]

Tony Bellotto is a Brazilian musician and writer. He is one of the founding members of, and guitarist for, the band Titãs. Paulo Miklos was also a member of the band.

He is the son of Heloisa Liberalli and Manoel Lelo Bellotto. He has three children, including two with his wife, actress Malu Mader.

Tony’s paternal grandfather was named Antonio Bellotto.

Tony’s paternal grandmother was Carolina Maria Serrasqueiro (the daughter of Manoel Antonio Serrasqueiro and Maria de Jesus). Carolina was born in Portugal.

Tony’s maternal grandfather was Carlos Henrique Robertson Liberalli (the son of Carlos da Costa Liberalli and Daisy Blanche Robertson). Tony’s grandfather Carlos was born in Rio de Janeiro. Tony’s great-grandfather Carlos was the son of Carlos Liberalli and Maria Teresa Bazin da Costa, whose own maternal grandparents, Charles Henri Bazin and Adelaide Flore Fourau, were French. Daisy was the daughter of Henry Robertson, who was born in Calcutta, West Bengal, India, to Scottish parents; and of Blanche Antonina Lowndes, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and also had English and Brazilian, including Portuguese, ancestry.

Tony’s maternal grandmother was Zélia da Cunha Menezes Monteiro (the daughter of Francisco Jorge da Cunha Menezes dos Santos Monteiro and Alice Pinheiro da Silva). Zélia was born in Rio de Janeiro.

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