TJ Perenara

Birth Name: Thomas Tekanapu Rawakata Perenara

Place of Birth: Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand

Date of Birth: 23 January, 1992

Ethnicity: Māori and distant Scottish (paternal grandfather), English, likely some Cornish

TJ Perenara is a New Zealand rugby union player. He plays for the All Blacks in the halfback position.

TJ is the son of Fiona Margaret (Farrow) and Thomas Te Kanapu Rawakata Perenara. His parents have represented New Zealand Softball teams (Black Sox and White Sox). TJ is a cousin of rugby league players Marcus Perenara and Henry Perenara, who is also a referee.

TJ’s paternal grandfather was Edward Tokona “Boy Boy” Perenara (the son of Rawakata Te Kanapu “Ra” Perenara and Ngarongoa “Rose/Rosie” Tokona). Rawakata was the son of Perenara Rawakata and Heni Menehira. Ngarongoa was the daughter of Te Taupe Maaka Parauta “Harry” Tokona, who had a Scottish great-grandfather, and Ripeka Mereaira Tangitutu Tokona Pahau.

TJ’s paternal grandmother, whose surname is Bastian, was born in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. Her surname is likely of Cornish origin.

TJ’s maternal grandfather was Terrence George Farrow (the son of Terrence John Farrow and Thelma May Farrow). Terrence was born in Wellington. Thelma was English, from Liverpool, Lancashire.

TJ’s maternal grandmother was Patricia Thompson (the daughter of Duncan William John Thompson and Annie Dawson). Duncan was the son of John Thompson and Alice.

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