Takeshi Kaneshiro

Birth Name: Kaneshiro Takeshi

Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan

Date of Birth: October 11, 1973

*Okinawan Japanese (father)
*Taiwanese (mother)

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a Taiwanese-Japanese actor and singer. His father is Japanese (Okinawan) and his mother is Taiwanese.

His first name, Takeshi, is a common Japanese name. His surname, Kaneshiro, is Okinawan. He holds Japanese citizenship.

Okinawan people, also known as Ryukyuan people, are considered to be indigenous to the southern islands of Japan, and have a different ancestry and culture than the Japanese people from the main island of Honshu. However, there has since been a lot of mixing between the two people.

Takeshi is well known for starring in Chinese- and Japanese-language films. He is known for starring in the John Woo film Red Cliff. Takeshi is able to speak Mandarin, Japanese, and English.

Takeshi is a practicing Buddhist.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Kimmel says:

    The jawline must come from his Japanese side.

  2. Adrian1Cram says:

    He looks like a Takeshi

  3. myspace celebrity says:

    He is so beautiful.

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