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Janine di Giovanni and Suzanne Malveaux – The International Women’s Media Foundation’s 27th Annual Courage in Journalism Awards Ceremony – Arrivals – Cipriani 42nd Street – New York City, NY, USA, 2016 – Photo Credit: Laurence Agron /

Birth Name: Suzanne Maria Malveaux

Place of Birth: Lansing, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 4, 1966

Ethnicity: Louisiana Creole [African, French, more distant Spanish and Italian], 1/512 Irish, at least 1/1024 Algonquin First Nations

Suzanne Malveaux is an American news journalist. She works in television, on CNN.

Suzanne self-identifies as black.

She is the daughter of Myrna Maria (Ruiz) and Floyd Joseph Malveaux. Her parents are of Louisiana Creole descent. They both have African ancestry, along with French/French-Canadian, and some Spanish and Italian. At least some of her African ancestors were from Guinea. She also has at least one Algonquin First Nations ancestor, her eight times great-grandmother Catherine Exipakinoa.

A picture of Suzanne’s father can be seen here. A picture of Suzanne with her mother can be seen here.

Among Suzanne’s siblings is Suzette M. Malveaux, a law professor. Suzanne’s father comes from a long line of free men of color, going back to at least the 1800s.

Suzanne has a daughter, who is adopted.

Suzanne’s patrilineal line can be traced to Laurent Malveaux, who was born, before 1775, and to his wife, Constance Chrétien. Laurent, a free man of color, was running his own plantation in 1830. He was a slaveowner, who emancipated his wife Constance and their children.

Suzanne’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Delton Malveaux (the son of Joseph Laurent “Lawrence” Malveaux and Héliène/Héllène “Helen” Fauries). Suzanne’s grandfather Joseph was born in St. Martinville, St. Martin, Louisiana. Suzanne’s great-grandfather Joseph was the son of Jean Baptiste Laurent Malveaux and Amélie Chrétien.

Suzanne’s paternal grandmother was Inez Mary Lemelle (the daughter of Joseph Bartholomew/Barthelemy “Jim” Lemelle and Edolia/Idola/Elena Lee Donatto/Donato). Inez was born in Opelousas, St. Landry, Louisiana. Joseph was the son of Charles Barthelemy Lemelle and Thomascine/Domicille Lemelle. Elena was the daughter of George Donato and Marie/Mary Girond/Giron.

Suzanne’s maternal grandfather was John Flores Mansion Ruiz (the son of John F. Mansion Ruiz and Anostesia/Anostasia/Anastasia/Anastasie Lacoste/La Coste). Suzanne’s grandfather John was born in Louisiana. Suzanne’s great-grandfather John was the son of John F. Ruiz and Marie Ida Miller. Anostesia was the daughter of T. Gustav/Gustave Lacoste and Victoria/Victorine Lawrence/Laurence/Laurent Bertrand.

Suzanne’s maternal grandmother was Lucille Mary Davis (the daughter of Albert Davis/Dave and Lucille Rousseau). Albert was the son of Samuel Dave and Cecilia. Lucille was the daughter of Otere Rousseau and Mary.

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    new stuff

    genealogy of Suzanne’s maternal grandmother, Inez Mary Lemelle (through her sister) –

    If so, she descends at least 5 times from a Neapolitan man, Major Donato Bello, who married a “New Orleans born mulatto”

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    genealogy of Suzanne’s maternal grandfather, John Flores Masion Ruiz (focusing on his mother’s side) –

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    obituary of Suzanne’s uncle, John Flores Mansion Ruiz, Jr. –

  4. andrew says:

    which is the fraction of his remote Algonquin First Nations ancestry?

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