Sofia Talvik

Talvik in 2008, pic by Prphotos

Birth Name: Sofia Karolina Talvik

Place of Birth: Gothenburg, Sweden

Date of Birth: 24 November, 1978

*50% Estonian
*37.5% Swedish
*12.5% Danish

Sofia Talvik is a Swedish musician.

Her father, Kristian Talvik, is Estonian, from Tallinn. Her mother, Ing-Marie (Ravik), was Swedish, from Örgryte, Västra Götaland.

Sofia’s paternal grandfather was painter and graphic artist Herman Talvik (born Truu, the son of Aleksei Truu and Leeno Apri). Herman was born in Tallinn. Leeno was the daughter of Priidu Apri and Marre Juhe.

Sofia’s paternal grandmother was named Kristel (likely Toone).

Sofia’s maternal grandfather was Thure Georg Ravik (the son of Johan August Olsson and Augusta Matilda Carlsdotter). Thure was born in Örgryte, Västra Götaland. Johan August was the son of Ola Johansson and Gustafva Andersdotter Bark. Augusta was the daughter of Carl August Olsson and Maria Christina Andreasdotter.

Sofia’s maternal grandmother was Inga-Britt Hölén (the daughter of Nils Wilhelm Hölén and Agnes Sofia Laurine Hansen). Inga-Britt was born in Gothenburg. Nils was the son of Per Jönsson Hölén and Maria Andersdotter. Agnes was a Danish emigrant, from Copenhagen, and was the daughter of Christen Hansen and Elina Amelie Pedersdatter.

Sofia’s maternal line can be traced to her fourth great-grandmother, Ane Nielsdatter (1797, Egebjerg, Nykøbing Sjælland – 13 January 1876, Frenderup).

Source: Genealogy of Sofia Talvik –

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