Sam Trammell

06/17/2014 – Sam Trammell – HBO’s “True Blood” Season 7 Premiere and Final Season – Arrivals – Photo Credit: David Gabber /

Birth Name: Samuel Foote Trammell

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 29, 1969

Ethnicity: English, smaller amounts of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Cornish

Sam Trammell is an American actor.

He has two children with his partner, actress Missy Yager.

Sam’s patrilineal line can be traced to Thomas Trammell, who was born, c. 1650, in Marazion, Cornwall, England.

Sam’s paternal grandfather was Samuel Finley Trammell (the son of Thomas Jefferson Trammell and Lilla May Davis). Samuel was born in Louisiana. Thomas was the son of David Crockett Trammell and Mary Ann Bolger. Lilla was the daughter of Robert Archibald Whitfield Davis and Mary Frances Bryan.

Sam’s paternal grandmother was Emma Lee Willis (the daughter of John Gladden Willis and Anna Lucretia Brown). Emma was born in Louisiana. John was the son of John Winston Willis and Sicily Ann Nicholson. Anna was the daughter of Augustus Henry Brown and Martha Ann Monk.

Sam’s maternal grandfather was Henry Dade Foote (the son of Henry Dade Foote and Lois Jeanette Ray). Henry was the son of Henry Dade Foote and Susan Caroline Walker. Lois was the daughter of Neill Angus Ray and Annie Eliza Carter.

Sam’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Nelson Hemenway (the daughter of Frank Samuel Hemenway and Florence Alma Ball). Elizabeth was born in Louisiana. Frank was the son of George G. Hemenway and Mercy Anne Smith. Florence was the daughter of Jesse Nelson Ball and Florence M. Miller.

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  1. Erik1714 says:

    Sam’s paternal side:

    Deep lines in the American south, with mainly British ancestry (obviously predominantly English). I didn’t find any German or something like that, But I did not check the tree extensively.

    By the way, the surname Trammell goes back to England.

  2. andrew says:

    he does not look English at all to me

    • jonasbsjr says:

      what ”looking english” means anyway… both Paul Bettany and Simon Bird are ”100% English”, according to their documented ancestry, and they look wildly different from each other…

      • andrew says:

        Good point. Generally, White Americans look quite different to people from British Isles, first because they are often mix with German and other Euro nationalities, secondarily for lifestyle and environmental factors.

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