Roy Señeres

Birth Name: Roy Villareal Señeres

Date of Birth: July 6, 1947

Place of Birth: Mambusao, Capiz, Philippines

Date of Death: February 8, 2016

Place of Death: Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ethnicity: Filipino [Aklanon, Capiznon]

Roy Señeres was a Filipino businessperson, diplomat, and politican. He ran in the 2016 Philippine presidential election, but he later withdrew shortly before his death. He was the son of Federico “Decoy” Lata Señeres, who was a World War II veteran, and Lourdes “Luding” Bayot Villareal. He was married to Minerva Maaño.

Roy’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandfather, Constantino Señeris, of Ibajay, Capiz (present-day Aklan).

Roy’s paternal grandfather was Joséf Señeres y Lusanta (or Joséf Lusanta Señeres in Filipino, the son of Potenciano Señeres y Amacio, or Potenciano Amacio Señeres in Filipino, and of Isidra Lusanta). Potenciano was the son of Custodio Señeris y Islao, or Custodio Islao Señeris, and Justa Amacio.

Roy’s paternal grandmother was named Estefana Lata y Samson (or Estefana Samson Lata in Filipino, the daughter of parents surnamed Lata and Samson).

Roy’s maternal grandfather was José Villareal y Lema (or José Lema Villareal in Filipino, the son of Francisco Sales Villareal y Lariosa, or Francisco Sales Lariosa Villareal in Filipino, and of Bernarda Lema). Francisco was the son of Gregorio Villareal and Juana Lariosa.

Roy’s maternal grandmother was named Brígida “Yayay” Bayot.

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