Richard Speight, Jr.

Birth Name: Richard Dobbs Speight, Jr.

Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 4, 1970

Ethnicity: English, German, 1/8 Ashkenazi Jewish

Richard Speight, Jr. is an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer.

Richard is the son of Barbara (Friedlob) and Richard Dobbs Speight, Sr.

Richard’s father is mostly of English and German descent. Richard’s mother has English, German, Polish Jewish, and German Jewish ancestry.

Richard’s paternal grandfather was Walter Peterson Speight (the son of Walter Peterson Speight and Annie Malena/Marena James). Richard’s great-grandfather Walter was the son of William Wesley Speight and Rebecca Hoffler. Annie was the daughter of William Cornelius James and Anna Elizabeth Briton.

Richard’s paternal grandmother was Kate Leocadia Perry.

Richard’s maternal grandfather was Isaac George Friedlob (the son of Samuel “Sam” Julius Friedlob and Rosa/Rose Vivian Derry). Samuel was born in Tennessee, the son of Jewish parents, Julius Frydlop/Friedlob, who was born in Chorzele, Poland, and Babette/Bettie Felsenthal, who was born in Bavaria, Germany. Rosa was the daughter of Richard William Derry, who was born in England, and of Eliza Jane “Molly” Hall.

Richard’s maternal grandmother was Bessie Jo Moore (the daughter of John Wesley Moore and Anna Belle Fuller).

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