Q’orianka Kilcher

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Kilcher in 2009, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Q’orianka Waira Qoiana Kilcher

Place of Birth: Schweigmatt, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany (now Germany)

Date of Birth: 11 February, 1990

*father – Peruvian [Quechua, Huachipaeri]
*mother – Swiss-German, Swiss-French

Q’orianka Kilcher is an American actress, singer, and activist. She is known for playing Pocahontas in the 2005 film The New World, and for her roles in the films Princess Kaiulani, Ben & Ara, Sky, The Vault, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, and Color Out of Space, and on the show Yellowstone.

Q’orianka’s father, Wachan Bajiyoperak Vega, who is from Peru, is of Quechua-Huachipaeri Indigenous descent. Her name, Q’orianka, means Golden Eagle in Quechua.

Q’orianka’s mother, Saskia Kilcher, is a human rights activist. Saskia was born in Alaska and raised in Switzerland, and is of Swiss-German and Swiss-French descent. Q’orianka is a first cousin, once removed, of singer Jewel. Q’orianka’s maternal great-grandparents, Yule Julius Jacob Kilcher and Ruth Helen Weber, were also Jewel’s paternal grandparents.

Her brothers, Kainoa Kilcher and Xihuaru Kilcher, have also acted.

When Q’orianka was two years old, she and her mother moved to Kapaa, Hawaii.

Q’orianka’s paternal grandfather was named Alejandro Bajiyoperak Darqueve.

Q’orianka’s paternal grandmother was named Cirila Vega Peña (the daughter of parents surnamed Vega and Peña).

Q’orianka’s maternal grandfather was named Ray “Pirate” Genet. Ray was a famous mountaineer, who was from Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Q’orianka’s maternal grandmother was Wurtila Dora Kilcher (the daughter of Yule Julius Jacob Kilcher and Ruth Helen Weber). Yule was born in Laufen, Canten of Basel, Switzerland, of Swiss-German descent, and was the son of Edwin Otto Kilcher and Lina Alter. Yule was a state legislator and delegate to the Alaskan Constitutional Convention. Ruth was born in Pretteln, Basel Country, Liestal, Switzerland, and was also of Swiss-German descent.

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  1. Manila says:

    Her father’s name is Wachan Bajiyoperak Vega.

    Q’orianka’s paternal grandfather was Alejandro Bajiyoperak Darqueve.

    Q’orianka’s paternal grandmother was Cirila Vega Peña (the daughter of parents surnamed Vega and Peña).

    Marriage record of Q’orianka’s parents – https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QKX2-LZ35

    Birth record of Q’orianka’s father – https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QJXS-9DYY

  2. madman says:

    Her birth surname is Bajioperak.

    There seems to be conflicting information about where her maternal grandfather was born. Pretty much every source except for geni.com says he was Swiss, and thus Swiss-French.

    And even geni.com have conflicting information about him. It says he was born in Talkeetna, Alaska, but in the description it also says: ‘”Pirate” Genet… was Swiss himself, though French-speaking.” And on top of that: “Wurtila, though born in Alaska, lived primarily in Switzerland and was only in Alaska visiting her sister when she met Genet.”

    It’s all confusing, but geni.com has gotten the wrong parents before. My money would be on him being Swiss-French, so I would change to “Swiss-French, Swiss-German”.

  3. anen87 says:

    Proof that mestizos still tend to look indigenous/brown even when they are half Nordic. Benjamin Pratt is another one

    • Gurrl says:

      Depends, most genuine 50% ones look evenly mixed though. She can actually pass as a full blooded Native North American(usa) native though. There is a huge difference between Silvid/Pacifid types (more narrow features) and fuegid/margid (robust and wider features) which many central/South Americans have.

    • bel77777 says:

      There are different groups of Native Americans, some are darker than others due to the climate of the area they inhabited, if you investigate well you will realize.

    • Andrew133 says:

      It is the proof of your dumbass because there are mestizos with very light features like blue eyes and blond hair and they have high amount of indigenous ancestry

  4. Adrian1Cram says:

    this name

  5. Bow Down Bitches says:

    she’s pretty

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