Noemie Lenoir

Russell James Launches "Russell James" Portrait Collection at Stephan Weiss Studio in New York on January 28, 2009

Lenoir in 2009, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: Les Ulis, France

Date of Birth: 19 September, 1979

*Belgian, Corsican (father)
*Malagasy (mother)

Noemie Lenoir is a French model and actress. She is known for co-starring in the film Rush Hour 3, playing Geneviève. Her father is French, of Belgian and Corsican descent. Her mother is from the island Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, and has Malagasy ancestry. She was part of The Children of Creuse program that forcibly moved 1,630 children from Réunion to rural metropolitan France, between 1963 and 1982.

Neomie has a son with her former partner, Congolese-born football player Claude Makélélé.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. alexgxo says:

    Looks mulatta not tri racial like she should be..

  2. fraciscovargas1545 says:


  3. Lovely says:

    That’s wrong.
    She’s Reunionese and French !!
    And Reunionese from Mixed, she’s not Reunionese Black !!
    I love you SO MUCH Noemie. And You’re SO SO beautiful <33

  4. kenza says:

    not madagascar but réunion….

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