Miranda Cosgrove

LOS ANGELES – SEP 8: Miranda Cosgrove at the EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live at the Barker Hanger on September 8, 2017 in Santa Monica, CA photo by kathclick

Birth Name: Miranda Taylor Cosgrove

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 14, 1993

Ethnicity: Irish, English, French, one eighth Mexican, some degree of German [including Alsatian], distant Welsh

Miranda Cosgrove is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Her roles include School of Rock, Despicable Me, and the series Drake & Josh and iCarly.

On her Twitter account, she stated:

I’m Irish, English, and French. People always think I’m a lot of different nationalities though which I think is pretty cool :)

Oddly, Miranda did not mention her one eighth Mexican ancestry. Miranda’s maternal grandfather’s mother, Mary Castimello/Costano/Coseton, was born in Mexico, as were Mary’s parents. The spelling of Mary’s surname varies from record to record.

A picture of Miranda with her mother can be seen here.

A picture of Miranda’s paternal grandmother can be seen here.

Miranda’s maternal grandfather was William Frank Casey (the son of William John Casey and Mary Cecilia Castimello/Costano/Coseton). Miranda’s grandfather William was born in California. Miranda’s great-grandfather William was Irish, born in Brosna, County Kerry. Miranda’s great-grandmother Mary was Mexican, born in Juárez, Chihuahua. A picture of Miranda’s maternal grandfather can be seen here.

Miranda’s maternal grandmother was Lois Ann Core (the daughter of Robert Herman Core and Ida Marie Bishir/Bishop). Lois was born in Oklahoma. Robert was the son of John W. Core and Birdie Harrell. Ida was the daughter of John Bunyan Bishir/Bishop and Effie I. Jones. A picture of Miranda’s maternal grandmother can be seen here.

Miranda’s distant Bishir ancestors were Alsatian German.

Cosgrove in 2010

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. muricansareallmutts says:

    @anen87 Sorry 4 ya in that pic her dyed hair doesn’t change her appereance me a real Euro I still see clearly the Hispanic identity.
    Moss is Euro Cosgrove not.
    Another Euro user from UK said it but you don’t accept it like every non-Euros ——- —–.

  2. jackson9 says:

    If @bablah is right about the paternal grandparents being Joseph C. Cosgrove (1914-1966) and Dorothy Emma Stevenson (1922-2008) then Miranda is 1/8th Ashkenazi Jewish. Dorothy I believe was the daughter of Charles Thompson Steveson and Sarah Shemper (1895-1981) in Russia.

    • jackson9 says:

      Oh well :( out of curiosity why did you delete your comment?

    • follers says:

      You or the website you’re looking at has confused two different women here. The woman named Dorothy Emma Cosgrove who was born in 1922 and died in 2008 was clearly not her grandmother, but this woman also wasn’t the daughter of Charles Stevenson and Sarah Shemper.

      The Dorothy Cosgrove who is the daughter of Charles and Sarah didn’t or doesn’t have the middle name Emma. She may well be the grandmother of Miranda. Geni lists her as the grandmother, but I don’t know if they’re accurate.

    • follers says:

      There were two men named Joseph C. Cosgrove born in 1914 in New York. One of them was married to a Romanian Jewish or Polish Jewish immigrant named Florence, the couple you mentioned earlier, and they were not Cosgrove’s grandparents.

      Then there were Joseph Cosgrove and Dorothy. This Joseph married a different woman in New York in 1935, but maybe he remarried in Louisiana a few years later. I haven’t confirmed that Joseph and Dorothy are Cosgrove’s grandparents, but it’s at least possible. If so, Cosgrove really dropped the ball on outlining her ancestry, missing not just Mexican but Jewish.

      • Oaken05 says:

        I’m confused, who do you think are more likely her set of grandparents? It seemed earlier you were saying that the Jewish theory was the less likely one, but then you end with her (likely) potentially “dropping the ball” on her ancestry. At least, that’s the way I read it.

  3. Oaken05 says:

    Was it necessary to bomb this profile with 11 consecutive comments?

  4. Burritowithmeltedcheese says:

    She’s mostly White but doesn’t look at all White. I understand that white is a broad term, but what I mean by white is clearly the stereotypical light eyes with light skin and hair. White people can have any eye color, of course, and any hair color. we are already diverse.

    • muricansareallmutts says:

      She isn’t it I’m a Euro from Europe living here and no one here can say she’s Euro, white means European and she doesn’t look it her Mexican side is so evident she’s like 50%.
      When I think of white and you should do it too I think first at all the face not the hair and eyes colors I think of Euro face not of Hispanic face like her.

      • drzaius21 says:

        Well obviously there are anomalies and she is one of them. I have seen people way more diverse in Europe who clearly look Asian or MENA, who turned out to be pure European. To be honest her look isn’t that diverse.

        • muricansareallmutts says:

          Only the ones of Semitic and Asian roots part of fully, ancient or recent look of these races we real native Euros aren’t like them and her pure Euros don’t look Asians, Afros, Hispanics, Arabs, exotics.
          It’s not like in Usa and the others mixed New World countries where everybody are white-Euros like non Euros too that’s why you look so different to us you’re mixed to non Europeans.
          Hahaha only a non Euro like you can say it.

  5. jonasbttencourt says:

    “1/8th mexican” LOL mexican it’s a nationality, Mexico is a new world country. This is the same thing as saying “1/8th american” or canadian. It does not make any sense. Of course there are countries outside the Americas where nationality and ethnicity are not the same thing, even in some european countries. But it’s especially silly to put a new world nationality as if it was a legit ethnicity, unless there is strong evidence sugesting her ancestors from mexico were all native. But i highly doubt that.

    • alexgxo says:

      What constitutes a “nationality” and “ethnicity” is not set in stone though. if you ask many Americans of Mexican descent what their “ethnic background” is, I bet many would say that they’re Mexican or Latino or something along those lines.

      Anyways, if Miranda is only 1/8th Mexican, then she’s probably no more than 5-10% Amerindian at the very most. Interesting how she looks very Amerindian influenced though.

    • Burritowithmeltedcheese says:

      When a person puts Mexican, they clearly mean Mestizo. A mixture of Southern European (Spain and Portugal along with Italian) and Indigenous American. Because they make up the Majority of Mexico. Brown skin complexion.

      • muricansareallmutts says:

        No Italians in Mexico we went to others countries of Southern America I’m Italian from Italy and I know it don’t put Italians everywhere like the people from Anglo countries always do.
        Then real native Italians, Portuguese and Spaniards are white of white skin and delicate Euro face we are Euros unlike ya, on brown-black hair and eyes the Portuguese and Spaniards and we Italians of light hair and eyes in the North and Central from Alpines and dark in the South from Northern Spaniards and Arabs.

        • andrew says:

          The fun part is that you keep saying that S.Italians would have alledgely inherited dark features from “Northern Spaniards”, when actually people from such area (Basque Country, Navarra, Aragon) surely display a decent amount of light-featured people if compared to other regions of Spain.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            It’s certain not a possibility there are very ancient documents written both in ancient Italian and Spanish who prove it we Italians also study it at school from North to South since elementary school everybody knows it in Italy lol.
            Northern Spaniards have dark hair and dark eyes they’re still dark like I always say, you’re not even able to read hahaha poor scum they’re not light haired and light eyed like some dumb users say like you in the past.
            Being you a dork you think of black-Arab Spaniards who aren’t the real instead to think of the originals the white, the Berid I say.

          • andrew says:

            Ma ci sei o ci fai???

            This guy lives in parallel world.

            Aragonese did rule in parts of S.Italy but it’s not that they completely replaced the locals ,they were a ruling elite. “Northern Spaniards” are still “dark” as you said but they have an higher % of lighter types, compared to other parts of Spain where your Berid phenotype is common. There are barely no Berids in Basque, Navarrese, Aragonese.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Tu non ci stai con la testa sudamericano del cazzo!!
            Northern Spaniards replaced so much the native Southern Italians we’re identical in every ways to them I see many times many different Spaniard tourists in Italy from the North of Spain too who are my doppelgängers, many Southern Italians have typical Spaniard names like Carmela/Carmelo/Alfonso/Carmen and surnames fully Spaniards or partly changed to Italian like Espinoza turned Spinosa in Naples region, myself have from my mother’s side a typical Northern Spaniard surname and from my father’s side too my paternal grandmother had a N.S. surname then I have many other relatives who hold typcal N.S. surnames.
            My S.I. region is the most Northern Spaniard all of the South it’s plenty of towns called in Spanish established by Aragonese and Castillians.
            All Northern Spaniards as phenotype and genotype are dark haired and dark eyed they’re all Berids.
            What an arrogance and stubbornness you have like every ——- non-Euro do you wanna again insist to tell to me a direct descent of Aragonese and Castillians the history of my country you f—in’ ——!
            You never have been to my country not in Spain like not in the rest of Europe but you wanna have the right to — your bull—s ya miserabile ——— wannabe —– gosh you make me wanna to take an — and ——– you like you subhuman ——— do to each others —-.

          • andrew says:

            Carmela is an Italian name: https://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmela

            Alfonso is Spanish/Visigoth but rare in Italy lol

            “Northern Spaniards” settled in S. Italy and spread some surnames but dont go over the top saying they ‘replaced” the locals, ridiculous.

            Never been to Spain but once in Sardinia (Arzachena).

            Tbh I dont get this fetish of yours, I just thought you had some Catalan ancestry as people from Alghero have.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Can’t win the fight ya ——- —–, like always you say only bull—- you linked the Italian page but doesn’t change the real origin Carmela is originally a Spaniard female name it’s so common in Spain and Central-South America like in South Italy in all the places of Spaniard background like the male name Alfonso.
            “Alfonso is Spanish/”Visigoth” but rare in Italy” hahaha whatta tosh you prove again how you’re so ignorant of my country Alfonso is so common and popular in all South Italy like in Spain and in the Latino countries cause it was brought by the Spaniard King Alfonso https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_I_of_Naples.
            Again when you try to screw somone off you must be sure the other person you attack is a fake like you and NOT REALLY the other real fake wannabe Spaniard not a real ancient like me I always give so many evidences but you deny it cause don’t know what to say anymore.
            Who can believe you all the bull—- you fantasizing are a clearly sign you’re severe mentally ill a grown person who spend his time for more 10 years here faking many nationalities. Poor fool.
            You took a trip to Sardinia like you’re both Italian and Finnish not knowing anything of “your” dual identities my region has lot of Spanish towns like Porto Torres like the Spaniard ex soccer player Fernando Torres, his name Fernando is another common in S.I., Alghero from the Spanish Alguer, Selegas, Las Plassas, Palmas which is a surname too another Spaniard very common, Iglesias like the Spaniard singer Julio Iglesias…. in some places of the island people talk in ancient Castillian and Aragonese dialects, Sardinian dialects have many Spanish words.
            My maternal grandfather was called Raimondo Mulas his surname it’s so popular in Sardinia and come from Castilla region https://www.houseofnames.com/mulas-family-crest

          • andrew says:

            Carmela is not a Spanish female name. It’s actually from Hebrew “Karmel”.

            Alfonso (of Visigoth origin) a common name…maybe +50 years ago, who gives his son Alfonso as name today.

            Porto Torres name despite the similarity has nothing to do with the Spanish surname: https://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porto_Torres

            “Mulas” is not a Spanish surname by any means. That site says little about it. Google riporta:
            “Deriva da un soprannome originato dal vocabolo dialettale sardo mulas plurale di mula, probabilmente legato all’essere il capostipile un mulattiere o un allevatore di muli. Il cognome Mulas è tipico della Sardegna dove è molto diffuso.”

            “in some places of the island people talk in ancient Castillian and Aragonese dialects”: this is one of funniest takes I read here.

          • andrew says:

            The only remnant is the Catalan language in Alghero.

            Interesting article: https://www.lanuovasardegna.it/regione/2017/08/25/news/gli-strani-casi-di-berlinguer-e-saragat-1.15774706

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Porto Torres means Port Towers is totally Spaniard like the rest of the other towns Mulas too means donkeys it’s the plural version of the name of an animal it’s common in Spain too cause it’s one of its many surnames and there is in Latino America also, I even find it on Facebook and the Southern-American immigrants living in my country I talk to confirm me the Spanish origin is utterly Spaniard. Carmela is totally Spaniard and Alfonso is still well liked in South Italy, Spain and Central-South America.
            That Italian info you show is false written by someone who’s not educated there’s written “PROBABLY related to” cause it’s unsure the author hypothesizes doesn’t know doubtlessly.
            Spanish language deeply changed Sardinian dialects if you take a trip to Sardinia for real every single Sardinian surely will confirm you it’s part of our own identity, have a chat with native Italians on Italian web and everybody say it.
            It’s like contradict Philippines had a so strong Spaniard background and it doesn’t have lots of Spaniard towns, names and surnames still present can’t eradicate the so heavy Spaniard identity.
            It’s very droll, I do declare the way you costantly reject the proven and historical facts to me a local hahaha. Moron!

    • Burritowithmeltedcheese says:

      The New World shouldn’t become a thing, either. Just leave things the way they are.

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