Mark Schwahn

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Birth Name: Mark Eugene Schwahn

Place of Birth: Pontiac, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 5, 1966

*German, English (father)
*Slovak, Italian (mother)

Mark Schwahn is an American screenwriter, director, and producer.

Mark’s paternal grandfather is Jodie Lewis Schwahn (the son of Jodie Lewis Schwahn and Deana/Denie A. Baker). Mark’s grandfather Jodie was born in Tennessee. Mark’s great-grandfather Jodie was born in Tennessee, the son of Joseph S. Schwan/Schwahn/Swahan, who was German, and of Mary E. Hunicutt. Deana was born in Tennessee, the daughter of John W. Baker and Mary West.

Mark’s paternal grandmother is Alice Marie Weir (the daughter of Barton W. Weir and Lottie May Shafer). Alice was born in Illinois. Barton was born in Illinois, the son of David Morris Weir and Barbara Alice/Elizabeth Carter. Lottie was born in Illinois, the daughter of Jerome F. Shafer and Ellen Hess.

Mark’s maternal grandfather is George E. Mehall (the son of John Mehall and Susanna/Suzanna “Susan” Chverka/Ceverha). George was born in Illinois. John was born in Czechoslovakia, and was listed as a Slovak speaker on the 1930 U.S. Census. Susanna was born in Illinois, to parents from Czechoslovakia, with her mother being Susie.

Mark’s maternal grandmother is Mae A. Mazzola (the daughter of George Mazzola and Grazia Louise “Grace” Benigno/Bennings). Mae was born in Illinois. George was born in Italy, the son of Christopher Mazzola and Madeline Bemayna. Grazia was born in Italy, the daughter of Louis Benigno and Dominica Mazzola.

Source: Obituary of Mark’s father –

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