Maria Arena Bell

Bell in 2011, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Cita Maria Arena

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 10, 1963

*50% Italian, including Sicilian
*25% Basque
*12.5% German
*12.5% likely British Isles

Maria Arena Bell is an American novelist, television producer, and writer.

She is married to William J. Bell, Jr., with whom she has two children. Her father-in-law was screenwriter and television producer William J. Bell. Her mother-in-law was talk show host and soap opera creator Lee Phillip Bell. Her brother-in-law is television writer and producer Bradley Bell. Her sister-in-law is actress Lauralee Bell.

Maria’s paternal grandfather was Simon Joseph Arena (the son of Angelo Giovani Arena and Angelina Lauricella). Simon was born in Massachusetts, to parents from Italy. Angelo was the son of Simon Arena and Coretta. Angelina was the daughter of John Lauricella and Tonia.

Maria’s paternal grandmother was Grace M. Nicoletti (the daughter of John Antonio Nicoletti/Nicoletta and Mary Grace Bellomo). Grace was born in Massachusetts, to Sicilian Italian parents, who were from Santa Caterina Villarmosa, province of Caltanissetta.

Maria’s maternal grandfather was Charles A. Bartholomae (the son of William August Bartholomae and Jane Agnes “Jennie” Burns). Charles was born in New York. Maria’s great-grandfather William was born in Washington, D.C., to German parents, William Bartholomae and Emma Caroline Goebel. Jane was born in New York.

Maria’s maternal grandmother was Carmen Ramona Basabe (the daughter of Juan Bautista Basabe and Escolastica Basabe Bengochea). Carmen was born in California, to Basque parents. Juan was born in Gautegiz Arteaga, Biscay, the son of Juan Jose Basabe Tremoya and Maria Micaela Ortuzar Goitisolo. Escolastica was also born in Gautegiz Arteaga, the daughter of Jose Martin Basabe Ortuzar and Juana Valentina Bengochea Zabaljauregui.

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