LOS ANGELES - OCT 8:  Maluma at the Latin American Music Awards

Maluma in 2015, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Juan Luis Londoño Arias

Place of Birth: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Date of Birth: 28 January, 1994

Ethnicity: Colombian

Maluma is a Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter.

He is the son of Marlli Elizabeth Arias Giraldo and Luis Alfonso Londoño Zapata. A picture of Maluma’s mother and maternal grandparents can be seen here. A picture of Maluma’s mother and maternal grandmother can be seen here.

Maluma’s paternal grandfather is named Jairo Londoño.

Maluma’s paternal grandmother is named Berenice Zapata.

Maluma’s maternal grandfather is named Pedro Arias.

Maluma’s maternal grandmother is named Rubiela Giraldo.

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  1. Oaken05 says:

    Stop double-posting comments. You are offering absolutely nothing of value to this site with this foolish trolling.

  2. ThomasG97 says:

    Does he have African ancestry?

    • Mixed Kidd says:

      He’s probably as African as Demi Lovato

      • ThomasG97 says:

        How would you classify the fenotype of maluma’s maternal grandfather? It looks like he has some indignious/african ancestry in my opinion.

        • MissMaria says:

          @ThomasG97, is Maluma claiming African ancestry? If not, then it doesn’t count and matter. It’s like when I post my DNA results that came out to be 85% African and 13% European, and people want to classify me as Afro-something or Black.

        • Mixed Kidd says:

          He probably is mestizo (Spanish and Indignious) but he might have African ancestry that’s very very distant from great grandparents or something. He doesn’t look that African to me. I was just curious where the ancestry actually came from.

  3. Mixed Kidd says:

    Where does his African ancestry come from?

  4. Samiiraa says:

    His mother looks mixed European and Subsaharan African with a dominant European heritage like 80% European

    • andrew says:


      his mother’s parents’ surnames are Arias and Giraldo: the first one is Spanish, while the second exists both is Spain and Italy (Veneto). Venetians heavily emigrated to South America (mostly in Brazil), and given his maternal grandma has light features, it makes me think she has Venetian ancestry.

      • Mixed Kidd says:

        So you’re saying he’s Italian Brazilian too?

        • Mixed Kidd says:

          And even if his grandma has ‘light features’. She can still be just Spanish

        • andrew says:

          No, I just said Giraldo surname can be either Spanish or Italian (Venetian). According to the Italian embassy in Bogotà, about two millions of Colombians have some Italian ancestry, and Veneto is indeed the first region for number of Italian immigrants to Colombia. Yes, Spaniards sometimes can have light features but they are more common in Venetians.

          • Mixed Kidd says:

            From the pics you linked, they look Spanish to me. Northern Spaniards look more Celtic influenced with light features while Southern Spaniards look more darker and more closer to Morocco.

          • Mixed Kidd says:

            *They look Spanish with Indigenous mixed. And yeah, there’s a few Italians (both Venetian and Southern Italian) in South America.. Not just Italians & Spanish are in South America There’s also a few Polish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, even Jewish ancestry as well in South America as well.

          • andrew says:

            No, there are a lot of Italians in Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, and to a lesser extent in Venezuela, Chile and Perù. Portuguese is the largest ethnic contribution to Brazilian genome. The other nationalities you mentioned are marginal in South America, except Germans in Southern Brazil

          • Mixed Kidd says:

            You basically repeated what I said. Like I said, there’s many other different ethnicities in South America as well besides Italian and Spanish. There’s even Africans, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc. It’s a melting pot of other cultures.

          • Mixed Kidd says:

            But yeah, there’s a lot of recent Italians from mostly in Argentina though. But there’s other different ethnicites too all throughout South America.

          • andrew says:

            However the lighter pigmented people in Spain are those from Basque Country, Aragon and Catalonia. The “Celtic” influence in Galicians and Asturians is a myth.
            About Southern Spaniards, they are far-looking from Moroccans (who are part SSA) as a group but you can find sometimes an overlap in individuals.

          • Mixed Kidd says:

            Yes, basically those regions you mentioned are in North of Spain which are more lighter than those from Southern Spain. I’m not saying every single Southern Spanaird has African ancestry but there are some that actually do have North African (which can be Morocco too).
            Spaniard from Galicia DNA Results (with some North African ancestry):
            Moroccan girl’s DNA results(with Spanish/Portuguese ancestry):

          • Mixed Kidd says:

            And a lot of the Mediterranean countries are diverse compared to other European countries. Some can look as white as British and Irish and some are more tan.

          • TB says:

            Italian ancestry is overall very common in South America. In Brazil, Italian ancestry is common in both Southern Brazil and Southeastern Brazil. About half of Italian desendents live in the State of Sao Paulo. About 30% of people in Belo Horizonte have Itaian ancestry as well. Over 60% of Argentinians have Italian ancestry.

          • Adryan says:

            Venetians, Light Features?? Yes, but are a Minority and those who have More Lighter Features are, Not All, but a Remarkable part Are Not Ethnically Italians (Austrians, Slovenians, etc…) To say That the Venetians have More Light features than Spaniards in General is a Myth, they look the Same (More or Less) as Central Spaniards, maybe Venetians have more lighter features but not much more compared to C. Spaniards. And About the Sothern Spaniards There is not Much difference between the North Spain and the South Spain, It is Not like Italy where there is a Much Difference between the North and the South. The S. Spaniards look in General, (Not All) like a Typical Atlanto-Med European and they have Lighter Features than S. Italians (S. Italinas look like Greek Islanders, Not All, but yes in General)

    • Jacklyn 224 says:

      Majority of Latin Americans are mixed race so its possible.However genotype does not equate phenotype

    • MissMaria says:

      @Samiiraa, it’s subjective what determines dominant heritage. For example, my DNA results says 85% West African 13% European and 2% Native American, and I would say I’m of dominant Swedish/European heritage since my great-great-great-grandfather was Swedish

    • americansrallmixed says:

      She’s not dominant European she doesn’t look white she’s dominant ethnic looks arab like her son.

  5. Manila says:

    Luis’ middle name is Fernando while correction for Maluma’s mother: her first name is Marlli, and her maternal family name is Giraldo.

    I have picture of Maluma’s mother and maternal grandparents here:

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