Lemon Demon

Birth Name: Neil Stephen Cicierega

Place of Birth: Bridgewater, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 23, 1986

*father – Polish, Lithuanian
*mother – French-Canadian/French, English, distant Scottish, Irish, and Portuguese

Lemon Demon, or Neil Cicierega, is an American singer, songwriter, filmmaker, YouTuber, and animator. His songs include “Eighth Wonder,” “The Ultimate Showdown,” and “Touch-Tone Telephone.” He has worked for television shows such as Gravity Falls. He has also been known as Deporitaz, Trapezoid, Trapezzoid, MEGO vs. SPAGO, and Grapes and Sunshine.

Lemon Demon’s father was a computer programmer. He is married to illustrator and comic artist Ming Doyle, with whom he has a daughter.

Lemon Demon’s paternal grandfather was Gerald “Jerry” Cicierega (the son of Joseph Cicierega and Anna Suszinski). Gerald was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Joseph was the son of Polish parents, Michael/Michal Ciecierega and Mary Krzak. Anna was also the daughter of Polish parents, John Suszinski and Maryanna Gawrysz.

Lemon Demon’s paternal grandmother was Alice Lorraine Bartkus (the daughter of Ioseph/Joseph Bartkus and Valerie Liaudauskaite). Alice was of Lithuanian descent.

Lemon Demon’s maternal grandfather was Jean-Guy Rodrigue (the son of Joseph Georges Telesphore Rodrigue and Cedenie Marie Dostie). Jean-Guy was born in Québec, and was French-Canadian, with distant Portuguese ancestry. He is not to be confused with the politician by the same name. Joseph was the son of Georges-Henri Rodrigue and Marie Celina Quirion. Cedenie was the daughter of Joseph Wilfred Dostie and Cedenie Vachon.

Lemon Demon’s maternal grandmother is the daughter of Everett Stewart Stoddard and Margaret Warring Mesheau. Everett was the son of Ernest Henry Stoddard and Ella Frances Harris. Margaret was the daughter of Charles Frederick Mesheau and Julia Anna Bonnell/Bunnell. Charles’s paternal grandfather, Louis Anthony Michaud, was from France. Charles’s maternal grandparents were Scottish.

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  1. Dannon says:

    Neil’s paternal grandmother was Alice Lorraine Bartkus (the daughter of Ioseph Bartkus and Valerie Liaudauskaite). Her parents were of ethnically Lithuanian descent.

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