Lalaine in 2004, photo by prphotos

Birth Name: Lalaine Vergara-Paras

Place of Birth: Burbank, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 3, 1987

Ethnicity: Filipino [Kapampangan, Tagalog], some Spanish

Lalaine is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and bassist. She is known for playing Miranda Sanchez on the series Lizzie McGuire, and for her roles in the films Her Best Move and Royal Kill, and the made-for-tv movies Annie (1999) and You Wish!

Her parents are Filipino, from Batangas and Pampanga, respectively. She was raised in Burbank and Sherman Oaks, California.

She has said:

People ask me, ‘Are you Spanish?’… I say I have Spanish in me but I’m not just Spanish. I’m proud of my ethnicities and I will always be proud of being a Filipino.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Dar says:

    According to her IMDB page her Ancestry is Filipino with Spanish and Chinese ancestry so I would change her ancestry from “Filipino [including some Spanish]” to “Filipino [Spanish, Kapampangan, Tagalog, and Chinese]. And due to her Spanish and Asian ancestry I would add Eurasian as well.

    • madman says:

      Spanish and Chinese should be put outside of the brackets though. They aren’t Filipino ethnicities so it makes no sense to write “Filipino [including some Spanish]” as it’s written now. It’s kind of like writing “Cherokee Native American, including English”.

  2. Kimmel says:

    Her eyebrows give her away as East Asian.

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