Kim Basinger

Basinger in 2002, photo by Joe Seer /

Birth Name: Kimila Ann Basinger

Place of Birth: Athens, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 8, 1953

Ethnicity: English, as well as some German, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and distant French

Kim Basinger is an American actress, fashion model, and singer. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for L.A. Confidential (1997).

Kim is the daugher of Ann Lee (Cordell) and Donald Wade Basinger. Much of Kim’s ancestry is English, and she also has some Scottish and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, as well as distant French, roots. Her surname, Basinger, is usually of German origin. She has a daughter, model and actress Ireland Baldwin, with her former husband, actor Alec Baldwin.

At the 1990 Academy Awards, Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced Kim with, “part Cherokee Indian and part Swedish. Talk about a smorgasbord!” Kim stated on Inside the Actors Studio (1999), that her maternal grandmother had Cherokee Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Cherokee Native American ancestry has been verified/documented. Kim’s maternal grandmother is listed as “White” on U.S. Censuses, as are Kim’s maternal grandmother’s parents. Kim’s ancestry, as far as can be documented, is non-Native American. Similarly, no Swedish ancestry appears among Kim’s genealogy.

Kim’s paternal grandfather was Michael Herman Basinger, Sr. (the son of Richard Basinger and Elizabeth Pheby “Lizze” Pence). Michael was born in North Carolina. Richard was the son of John Calvin Basinger and Marinda Augusta Cromwell. Elizabeth was the daughter of Michael S. Pence and Sara Julia Kirk.

Kim’s paternal grandmother was Jessie Belle/Jessiebelle Ashley (the daughter of Clarence Allen Ashley and Carrie May Ellis). Jessie was born in South Carolina. Clarence was the son of Jesse Thomas Ashley and Milly Catharine Abel. Carrie was the daughter of Richard Archibald Ellis and Mary Matildia “Mamie” Pressy.

Kim’s maternal grandfather was James Cullen Cordell (the son of James Lindsey Cordell and Morning/Mourning Ann Shiflett/Shiflet). Kim’s grandfather James was born in Georgia. Kim’s great-grandfather James was the son of Thomas J. Cordell and Lindsey Jane Cunningham. Morning was the daughter of John P. Shiflett and Morning Ann Taylor.

Kim’s maternal grandmother was Mary/Mamie Elizabeth Howard (the daughter of John James Howard and Hannah Webb). Mary/Mamie Elizabeth was born in South Carolina. John was the son of George Howard and Sarah Ann Heron. Hannah was the daughter of Samuel M. Webb and Caroline Branyon.

Basinger in 1990, photo credit: Alan Light

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  1. follers says:

    On Inside the Actors Studio, Kim Basinger stated that her maternal grandparents’ marriage was controversial because her grandmother was Native American and her grandfather was not.

    Elizabeth Warren has stated a similar story.

  2. markus wallett says:

    The Basingas were a Saxon family grouping who settled in Britain during the anglosaxon settlement. Basingstoke is named after them.

  3. andrew says:

    “Her grandmother was said to be of part Cherokee Indian descent.” (imdb)

  4. sadie says:

    You know I agree with the indian part like it is so special to be native american big deal and I bet that many actors make it up to sound cool.

  5. akii_4 says:

    Actually… 95% European 5% Native American. Enough for me to say… she’s hot because she is 5% Native American. I don’t care what other people say

    • COMMONSENSE says:

      she is hot cause she is 5% Cherokee? lmao! that is entirely too stupid for me to take it seriously.

      why do all of the white celebrities claim they are Cherokee? I am really fed up with people trying to play up themselves by mentioning they have a drop of native American blood. all of these people are not native. Jesus

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