Kate Voegele

2007 Hot Summer Nights Concert Series - Radio Disney Family Night Concert

Voegele in 2007

Birth Name: Kate Elizabeth Voegele

Place of Birth: Bay Village, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 8, 1986

Ethnicity: German, Czech, English, French, Irish, Scottish, Italian

Kate Voegele is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

Kate has said:

People always ask me what my background is. It is English, French, Irish, Scottish, Italian and German. People always think I am Hawaiian or part Asian, but no, it is just European stuff.

Kate’s paternal grandfather is William Philip Voegele, Jr. (the son of William Philip Voegele and Antonette Lang). Kate’s great-grandfather William was born in Pennsylvania, to German parents. Antonette was also born in Pennsylvania, to Czech parents.

Kate’s maternal grandfather was Donald Percy Lahey (the son of Alfred P. Lahey and Jewel Jacobs). Donald was born in Ohio. Alfred was born in Canada.

Kate’s maternal grandmother is Barbara Anne Cartier (the daughter of Edward J. Cartier and Jeanette/Jeannette Bailey).

Sources: Kate’s paternal great-grandparents, William Philip Voegele and Antonette Lang, on the 1930 U.S. Census – https://familysearch.org

Obituary of Kate’s maternal grandfather, Donald Percy Lahey – http://buschfuneral.tributes.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. IGK 3 says:

    she’s lying she has asian in her.

    • Alice says:

      In this day and age people embrace diversity. If Kate had Asian ancestry I’m sure she wouldn’t hide it. I think alot of people have preconceived ideas about what nationalities look like and when a person doesn’t fit their stereotype they assume they must be something else. There is no country with people that are carbon copies; there are a variety of looks and all countries have people that can look “exotic”.

  2. Natasha says:

    How is her surname pronounced?

  3. kristiRoxx says:

    why are the white celebrities classified more specifically than the blacks. most of the white celebs are listed as German, welsh, french, etc but the black ones are just filed as African American. there are so many countries in Africa. im Malawian, my best friend is egyptian and native American and my half sister is ethiopian,malawian and puerto rican. its sad really

    • Myspace Celebrity says:

      A lot of black people don’t know which country their ancestors came from because of slavery. A lot of the slave traders didn’t want them to know about their heritage,and sometimes they just didn’t care to keep track of the countries at all.

      • Fuzzybear says:

        To Myspace Celebrity

        That and the fact that they split children from their mothers.Also after a while the ones that came from here,didn’t know anything except here

    • Freerk says:

      That is something that bothers me, too. But this applies only to African-American people. With African-European people, the information commonly is more precise. This reflects the circumstances of the “migration” of African-Americans.

      The African-Americans came to America through slavery; in those times there were no nations in Africa with frontiers like today and no conscience about a national identity; people belonged to tribes, and different tribes lived in the same region, according to slavery mostly in Western Africa/Gulf of Guinea.

      And second, obviously most black people lost the knowledge about their tribal ancestry; I am sure the white slaveholders boosted that, because it’s easier to suppress people without an own identity.

      With African emigrants of today, this is different, as you can see with many African-Europeans on this site.

  4. yeah says:

    she’s got to have something than just European in her. There’s no way.

  5. Jeanna says:

    She’s so pretty and such an awesome singer!

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