Julian Dennison

Place of Birth: Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Date of Birth: 16 October, 2002

Ethnicity: Māori, English, some Scottish

Julian Dennison is a Māori actor from New Zealand. He has had major roles in the films Shopping (2013), Paper Planes, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Deadpool 2, The Christmas Chronicles 2, and Godzilla vs. Kong, and in voice over role, on the show The Strange Chores.

Through his Māori lineage, he is a member of the iwi Ngāti Hāua and the waka Tainui.

On his mother’s side, he is a distant relative of screenwriter Riwia Brown, who wrote the film Once Were Warriors (1994), about a Māori family.

Julian’s paternal grandfather was Graeme Robert Dennison (the son of Harold Fredrick Dennison and Phyllis Edna Dowthwaite). Harold was the son of Thomas Marston Dennison, who was from Birmingham, England, and of Ellen Matilda “Nell” Kendrick, whose parents were from London, England.

Julian’s paternal grandmother was named Jacqueline.

Julian’s maternal grandfather is playwright Bruce Richard Stewart (the son of Pare Hinetai Hirini, or Molly Daphne Hirini). Bruce’s father was European. Molly was Māori, from the Tainui tribe and lived in Rotorua. She was the daughter of Timi Hirini and Pare Waaka (aka Dolly/Polly Walker). Pare Waaka’s parents were George Walker (aka Hori Waaka) and Panatita Te Awanui. George was born in Inverness, Scotland. He came over to New Zealand on the Lord William Bentinck.

Julian’s maternal grandmother is named Orapai Hamiora. Orapai is Māori.

Source: Article about Julian’s maternal grandfather, Bruce Richard Stewart – https://newsnet.live

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  1. andrew says:

    he has European ancestry too

    • comrade says:


      Julian Dennison is the son of Wayne Dennison and Mabelle Stewart. Mabelle’s father is playwright Bruce Richard Stewart, his father was European and his mother was Molly Daphne Hirini (1916-1954), who was Māori. She was from the Tainui tribe and lived in Rotorua.

      Molly’s parents might have been Maiha Te Keepa Hirini and Anipatene Hirini, or Heko/Hiko Hirini and Tiripa/Piripa Hirini. I don’t for sure which one’s are her parents.

      Mabelle’s mother is likely to be of Māori descent, but I’m not 100 percent sure.

      Wayne Dennison’s parents are Graeme Robert Dennison and Jacqueline Dennison. Julian’s father seems like he has no Māori ancestry. Dennison sounds very English, so I assume he is of English descent.

      Through his mother’s side Julian Dennison is distantly related to Riwia Brown, a screenwriter who wrote Once Were Warriors (1994).

      Article about Bruce Stewart: https://newsnet.live/bruce-stewart-rakau-rangatira-1936-2017/

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