Josie Bissett

Birth Name: Jolyn Christine Heutmaker

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 5, 1970

Ethnicity: German, Austrian, Irish, Dutch

Josie Bissett is an American actress.

Josie is the daughter of Linda A. (Bissett) and Joseph E. “Joe” Heutmaker. Josie’s parents have German, Austrian, Irish, and Dutch ancestry. Josie has two children with her former husband, actor Rob Estes. She is now married to Thomas Doig.

Josie’s paternal grandfather was Norman George Heutmaker (the son of George Leonard Heutmaker and Lena F. Schmidt). George was the son of William Heutmaker/Heutmacker, who was from Holland, and of Mary Gertrude Dressen/Dresen.

Josie’s paternal grandmother was Donna Kathleen Hogan (the daughter of Bernard E. Hogan and Loretta Ann). Donna was born in Manitoba, Canada. Bernard was Canadian. Loretta was born in Michigan, to Canadian parents.

Josie’s maternal grandfather was Lawrence James “Larry” Bissett/Baskett (the son of John Baskett and Mary). John was born in New Jersey, to parents from Austria. Mary was born in Washington, to a father from Germany and a mother from Austria.

Josie’s maternal grandmother was Veronica M./L. “Roni” Schwindt (the daughter of Leonard/Leonhard Dominic Schwindt and Rose Frances Jaeger). Leonard was the son of Frank Schwindt and Barbara Fischer, who were born in Russia and were ethnic Germans. Rose was the daughter of Joseph Jaeger and Agnes Heiser, who were also from Russia, and were ethnic Germans.

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