Josh Henderson

Birth Name: Joshua Baret Henderson

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 25, 1981

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish

Josh Henderson is an American actor, model, and singer. He is the son of Sharon Lea (Henderson) and Mark Anthony Gray.

Josh’s paternal grandparents possibly were James Harold Gray and Patricia Corrine Causey.

Josh’s maternal grandfather was Jerry Keith Henderson (the son of William Lee “Bill” Henderson and Bernice Margaret Johnson). Jerry was born in Texas. William was the son of Hicks/Hix I. Henderson and Mary Ann Johnson. Bernice was the daughter of Myrtie Alberta Ramsey.

Josh’s maternal grandmother was named Mavis Kathleen Morris.

Source: Obituary of Josh’s maternal grandfather, Jerry Keith Henderson –

photo by DFree/

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