Johnny Sequoyah

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Birth Name: Johnny Sequoyah Friedenberg

Place of Birth: Boise, Idaho, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 25, 2002

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandfather), English, small amounts of Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, and French

Johnny Sequoyah is an American actress. She is the daughter of producer, director, and actress Heather Rae (Heather Rae Bybee) and actor Russell Friedenberg (Bertrand Russell Friedenberg).

Johnny’s father is of half Ashkenazi Jewish and half English descent. Her mother has English, Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, and French ancestry, and has also stated that she is of part Cherokee Native American descent. It is not clear if this Cherokee Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

Johnny’s paternal grandfather was Daniel Meyer Friedenberg (the son of Samuel Friedenberg and Rose Abravanel Klein). Daniel was born in New York, and was a financier, collector, historian, and philanthropist. Samuel was born in Poland, and was Jewish. Rose was born in New Jersey, to Hungarian Jewish parents.

Johnny’s paternal grandmother is June Meredith Daniels (the daughter of Joseph Gideon Daniels and Kansas Hooper). June was born in North Carolina. Joseph was the son of Charles Bailey Daniels and Alexena Ella Mann. Kansas was the daughter of Andrew Shanklin Hooper and Louisa/Lousia P. Midgett.

Johnny’s maternal grandfather was Vernon Ray Bybee (the son of Clenden Thompson Bybee and Ethel Harper). Vernon was born in Idaho, to a Mormon family, and had English, and some Welsh, Dutch, and French, ancestry. Clenden was the son of Walter Ray Bybee and Laura May Thompson, whose father and maternal grandmother were English. Ethel was the daughter of Thomas Ephraim Harper III, whose paternal grandparents were English and Welsh, and Geneva Barrett, whose parents were English.

Johnny’s maternal grandmother was Barbara Jane Riggs (the daughter of Bob Dean Riggs and Hester Jane Curtis). Barbara was born in California. Bob was the son of William Oscar/A. Riggs and Bertha May Adkins. Hester was the daughter of William A. Curtis and Nora Violet Ferguson.

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  1. andrew says:

    Thomas Ephraim Harper III’ s mother, Ellen Van Orden, had also Dutch and remote French ancestry (alongside English).

    There is also an ancestor with an Ukrainian surname:

  2. bablah says:

    ”Rae identifies as Cherokee but is not an enrolled member of a tribal system”

    In short, she’s likely full of it.

  3. madman says:

    C. B. Daniels and Ella —> Charles Bailey Daniels and Alexena Ella Mann
    Shanklin Hooper and Lousia —> Andrew Shanklin Hooper and Louisa P. Midgett

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