John Denver

Birth Name: Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.

Date of Birth: December 31, 1943

Place of Birth: Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.

Date of Death: October 12, 1997

Place of Death: Monterey Bay near Pacific Grove, California

*German (father)
*German, Swiss-German, English, Irish (mother)

John Denver was an American singer, songwriter, actor, activist, and humanitarian.

John was the son of Erma Louise (Swope) and Henry John Deutschendorf.

John’s paternal grandfather was Johann/John Heinrich/Henry Deutschendorf (the son of Georg Deutschendorf and Caroline Dorothea Elizabeth Katt). Georg was born in Hohenwalde, Marienburg, Prussia. Caroline was born in Baarenhof, Ober-Vorwerk, Gross Werder, Prussia.

John’s paternal grandmother was Anna Elizabeth Koop (the daughter of Heinrich/Henry Koop and Elizabeth Janzen/Jantzen). Heinrich was born in Tigerweide, Molotschna Colony, South Russia, to ethnic German parents, Thomas Paul Koop and Maria Boese. John’s great-grandmother Elizabeth was born in Alexanderwohl, Russia, and was also an ethnic German, the daughter of Martin F. Janzen and Anna Reimer.

John’s maternal grandfather was Peter Swope (the son of Charles N. Swope and Catherine “Kate” Bealer). Charles was the son of Peter Swope, who was German, and of Sarah Ann Rightmire/Rickmire, who was of German descent. Catherine’s father, Samuel Beiler, was Swiss, of Swiss-German descent, and Catherine’s mother, Christina Miller, was German.

John’s maternal grandmother was Martha Matilda “Mattie” Berry (the daughter of William Lafayette Berry and Minnie Lou O’Neal).

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Curious about ethnicity

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    Ethnic, is there a picture, please?

  2. pookerella says:

    His mother was from Oklahoma, I would be surprised if he wasn’t part Native American.

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