Jennifer Hanson

Birth Name: Jennifer Kathleen Hanson

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 10, 1973

Ethnicity: Norwegian (7/16), German, Catalan, Mexican, Irish, possibly English

Jennifer Hanson is an American country music artist. She was Miss California 1994.

Jennifer’s paternal grandfather was Orlano Edsel Hanson son of Oliver O. Hanson and Ethel Cora Ellingson. Oliver was the son of Ole Hanson and Anna Johnson. Ole was born in Norway to Hans Moen and Eli Olson. Anna was born in Norway to Johan Johnson and Marie Johnson. Ethel was the daughter of Elling Ellingson and Elena Johnson. Elling was born in Minnesota to Norwegian parents Syverd Ellingson and Ingeborg Bergrud. Elena was also born in Minnesota to Norwegian parents.

Jennifer’s paternal grandmother is  Marvelle Joyce Foslien, daughter of Clarence Edward Foslien and Eleanor P. Ley. Clarence was the son of Alfred Knute Foslien (son of Fingar K. Foslien and Anne Maria Gilbertson) and Emma Olava Larson (daughter of Julian Larson and Thore Maria Hansdatter ). Clarence’s ancestors were all Norwegian. Emma’s parents were from Eidsberg, Østfold fylke, Norway. Eleanor was the daughter of John A. Ley and Pauline Petersen. John was of German, and Pauline was of Norwegian descent.

Jennifer’s maternal grandfather was Joaquin Vendrell Jr., son of Joaquin Vendrell and Maria Comaleche/Comalich/Canalich. Joaquin was born in Spain and was most likely of Catalan origin. Mari was born in Guaymas, Sonora Mexico to parents Pedro Camalich and Angelina De La Cruz.

Jennifer’s maternal grandmother was Matilda Amelia Cross, daughter of Charles J. Cross and Dora Matilda Bell. Charles was the son of John M. Cross and Minnie Kettenbe/Cottenburg. Dora was born in California to Canadian parents. Her father was Robert Bell, whose parents were from Ireland.

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Jennifer’s maternal grandmother on 1930 U.S.

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