Jean Harlow

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Harlow c. 1937

Birth Name: Harlean Harlow Carpenter

Date of Birth: March 3, 1911

Place of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.

Date of Death: June 7, 1937

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: German, English, Scottish, distant French

Jean Harlow was an American film actress. She was a sex symbol of the 1930s.

Jean was the daughter of Jean Poe (Harlow) and Mont Clair Carpenter. She was married to director, screenwriter, and producer Paul Bern, until his death.

Jean’s paternal grandfather was Abraham “Abe” Carpenter (the son of Michael Carpenter and Mary Jane Boor). Abraham was born in Pennsylvania. Michael was the son of George Carpenter, Jr. and Eva Rosanna “Rose” Baker. Mary Jane was the daughter of Michael Boor and Maria “Mary” Magdalena/Magdelena Bear.

Jean’s paternal grandmother was Dianna/Diana Beal (the daughter of Jesse Beal and Lydia Hoyman). Dianna was born in Pennsylvania. Jesse was the son of Johann/John George Beal and Mary Magdalena/Magdaline Korns/Korn. Lydia was the daughter of John Henry Hoyman and Elizabeth Susan Uhl.

Jean’s maternal grandfather was Samuel D. “Skipp” Harlow (the son of Isiah W. Harlow and Matilda Laodicea Poe). Skipp was born in Iowa. Matilda was the daughter of Adam Totten Poe and Sarah Whiting.

Jean’s maternal grandmother was Ella Williams (the daughter of John Insen Williams and Laurinda Magill Coutts). Ella was born in Iowa. John was the son of Stephen A. Williams and Mary Ann Buckmaster. Laurinda was the daughter of Jacob Clark Coutts and Eleanor Magill.

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